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Note: This information is only for Vera1/UI2. For more information about Vera2 with UI4 go to and for more information about Vera2, Vera3, Vera Lite with UI5 go to

Vera gives you a powerful home security system. You receive alerts instantly via SMS, Email or telephone calls. You can view your home's surveillance cameras, both live as well as an archive from the past, including the moment when the sensor was tripped, so you can call the police if there is a real security break-in. And you can remotely arm/disarm your alarm and open doors. This uses's secure server, which uses the same protection used for on-line banking, so you don't need to worry about unauthorized people getting in to disarm your alarm or view your cameras. How secure is Vera?

What you'll need:

Z-Wave security sensors:

Motion Sensors, Door/Window sensors

They're all wireless and battery operated so installation is simple.

Security cameras:

Wired or Wireless cameras


If you buy the wireless cameras from Mi Casa Verde they come pre-configured to work with your Vera so you just plug them in and no setup is required. If you will buy the camera elsewhere or have your own, see Panasonic IP Cameras.

Mobile phone

Any mobile phone that can receive text messages will work to receive alerts. To remotely control your house, get a mobile phone with an internet connection. For Blackberry's and other phones that support Java we offer a handy control application. For all other phones, just use the built-in web browser.

How to do it

1. Follow the Quick Start Guide to get Vera up on running.

2. On the Devices tab click the '+' sign next to the camera(s). For each camera indicate which sensors the camera is close to, what lights to turn on when viewing the camera, and how to archive the video.

3. You probably want to arm the sensors when you leave the house and disarm them when you return home so that you are not notified when the sensors are tripped while you are home. So go to the Scenes tab and create a scene called something like "Leave Home" or "Arm System". Under that scene go to all the sensors and choose "ARM" from the first pull-down. You can also set the lights and thermostat to "OFF" if you want them to turn off when you leave the house. Next, create a scene called something like "Return Home" or "Disarm system" that changes the sensors back to "BYPASS" and puts the lights and thermostat back to your preferred setting when you come home.

4. Under the Automation tab click "Add Event", type a description like "Security Breach", and under Event Type choose "An armed sensor is tripped". Give it a name and select YES from the "Tripped" option. Then check off the sensors which, when tripped should trigger the alarm, and check off which users should be notified of the event. Be sure you listed the users and their contact information (SMS, Email, etc.) on the Users tab. Because the event is "An armed sensor is tripped", and the scene you just created arms the sensors when you choose the "Leave Home" scene and puts them on bypass when you choose "Return Home", that means every time you leave home you should remember to choose the "Leave Home" scene to arm the sensors, just like you arm your alarm when you leave home. Otherwise you won't get alerts when the sensors are tripped. And, when you return home, choose "Return Home" to bypass the sensors so you're not receiving alerts when the sensors are tripped because you're at home.

5. You can also create a scene something like "Go to sleep" or "Armed at home" which arms some sensors and bypasses others. For example, while you're in the home you may want the motion detectors on "BYPASS" and the door/window sensors "ARMED" so that you can walk around the home without triggering an alarm, but a burglar trying to break in through a door or window will trip the alarm.

6. If you want to always be notified whenever certain sensors are tripped, regardless of whether or not they are armed, add an Event of the type "A sensor is tripped", as opposed to "An armed sensor is tripped".

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