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Providing a list of the users, or family members, who will use the system is optional. The two main reasons for defining users are:

1. You want to be notified of events at home, such as security breaches, sensors being tripped, and so on. Add each user who you want to be notified, and for each user specify how he should be notified: by SMS text message, email, or a voice call. Then when you add an event to a scene, you can specify for each event which users should be notified. Vera will use the contact info you provide here on the Users tab.

2. The other reason to supply users is if you want to require a username and password to login when you are at home, from a web browser on your home network. By default anybody on the home network can control or configure Vera. This isn't necessarily a security issue; Vera by default turns on a firewall if you don't have one, so only people within the home, on your home network can access Vera's web page. If you want to restrict this so a username and password is required, add the users and their passwords and check the box "Require a username and password to access this from within my home network". Note that these usernames and passwords are unrelated to the one you use for The is for accessing the system remotely. The users and passwords you setup here are for accessing Vera on the local netowrk.

NOTE: If you want to access Vera remotely without using the service you can do this by setting up a port forward in your home network and specifying "No Firewall" on Vera's 'Net & Wi-Fi' tab. In this case you should always check the "Require a username and password" box to prevent unauthorized access from the internet.


In UI4 you can manage users from When you login for the first time on (from the same network as Vera) you will be asked to take control of your unit. At this point your user becomes the sole administrator (you can still access Vera from the home network by typing into the browser's address bar Vera's IP address. If you want to add another user you will have to click the Add user button and specify what rights the new user will have. The users must be created prior to adding them. By default you can have three types of accounts:

Administrator: Let this user control and configure my MiOS system
Guest: This user can control my MiOS system, but can't save any configuration changes
Notification only: This user can receive notifications, like security breaches, temperature extremes, etc., but cannot control or configure the system

NOTE: is used to access Vera remotely. If you want to prevent people to have access to Vera's dashboard from your home network by typing into the browser's address bar Vera's IP address you have to click Setting on and check Yes on the Require local http authentication option.

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