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Normally if you add a home networking device, like an IP camera, or a home control system, and you want to view or control that device from the internet, you will not be able to do this securely. This is because, even though the device may ask for a username and password, that username and password is transmitted all over the internet, and it's very easy to hack in.

The reason it's safe to use on-line banking and secure e-commerce is because the company's that run those sites have set up "secure servers". This is a complex process that involves creating encryption keys and getting your identification verified by an on-line security house, like Verisign, and setting up a secure server. A normal home user will never go through this process, and therefore, before Vera, there as no easy way to remotely and safely view your home's security cameras or control your home.

You can tell which companies have set up secure networks because when you to their web site, your web browser will show the web site in a special color, usually yellow, and the web site will start with https://, instead of http://, and your web browser will show you a padlock. When you see that, then you know you are on a secure network. You web browser has established a secure, protected connection directly to the company's server. You can type in your username and password and view pictures and be assured that whatever you are typing or doing cannot be seen by outsiders.

Mi Casa Verde has solved all these issues. We set up a secure server,, which only accepts secure connections.

When you first set up Vera you are asked for a username and password for the site. From then on, whenever you turn Vera on and she finds the internet, Vera makes a secure connection to automatically. Now when you are away from the home and want to connect to Vera, you also go to The secure server then acts like a "patch" for you. So when you tell Vera to do something, it goes through the secure server. And when you want to view your cameras, gets the image from Vera using the secure connection and gives it back to you.

So the end result is that there is nothing to configure or setup. All you do is pick a username and password, and then you can access Vera to control your home and view cameras from anywhere, on any web browser or mobile phone, and it's a secure connection.

What's more, Mi Casa Verde has isolated the secure server and put in place special measures and software that keeps your password encrypted, so that not even the Mi Casa Verde staff to can get in.

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