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Note: This information is only for Vera1/UI2. For more information about Vera2 with UI4 go to and for more information about Vera2, Vera3, Vera Lite with UI5 go to



The service makes it very easy to access Vera from any web browser in the world. When you are setting up Vera for the first time, on the tab just pick a username and password. Then from any web browser in the world go to and enter that same username and password to be directly connected to your Vera and in full control of your home, able to view your security cameras. It is secure, using the same security online banks use to protect your financial transactions. more about the security of


When you setup your Vera 2 unit for the first time, go to from the same network as the Vera unit, create an account and log in to take control over your unit. This is a very secure way to access your unit from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. It uses the same types of secure servers like the service.

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