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Vera runs Linux, and stores the logs in /var/log/cmh. They are ANSI color coded, meaning you need to view them with less -R. Note that the Linux distro that comes with Vera doesn't support less -R, so you need to copy them to another computer to view them. To do this:

1. Login to Vera's console as explained here: Logon_Vera_SSH.

2. Copy the logs from /var/log/cmh using scp. Windows users can use the free WinSCP utility. Note that once the logs hit 2MB they are automatically either deleted or archived on our servers if you left that option checked on Advanced, Logs.

3a. To view them on a Unix/Linux system, use less -R and the log file.

3b. To view them on a Windows PC, download this file: and unzip the contents into a directory, preferably under c:\ so it's easy to get to from a command prompt. Choose Start, run, and enter CMD to bring up a command prompt. Then type: cd \less (or whatever directory you put it in). Put the log files in the same directory. Before starting it you might want to click the control button in the upper left of the command prompt, choose Properties, Layout, and increase the window size to 160 wide. Then enter: less -R [filename]. You may see an error and have to hit enter. This is OK. Once the log appears, the letters u and d scroll up and down, and q exits. The / key lets you search, although for some reason it doesn't always work. If you want the most full featured version of less, install cygwin, which is what came from. If you have turned verbose logging on in Vera, the logs will also contain a trace of all the ZWave data going to/from the ZWave chip. Lines starting with 41 are outgoing and color coded red, 42 is incoming and yellow.

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