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HOWTO log on to your Vera using SSH.



  • Vera hardware
  • For Windows based clients, an open-source SSH application to access your Vera, for instance PuTTY which can be found here: [1]
  • For MAC clients you could use "Rbrowser" to be found here [2] or here [3]
  • Linux based clients have built-in SSH support.
  • Root password, to be found at the bottom of your Vera (also your initial WiFi security key)


For many operations you need access to the shell of your Vera. For this reason Vera supports SSH (Secure SHell) on port 22.
Getting access to your Vera is not something that is easy at first.
Therefore you can follow these instructions in support of other How To's to get root access to your Vera's shell.



  • After you have downloaded PuTTY, run it directly.

To get shell acces to your Vera do this;
1. Under <Host Name> type the IP address of your Vera (for example:, leave Port number 22 alone, if needed, change connection type to SSH (default) and click <Open>.
2. At Login type:


hit <Enter>

The password you need is located on the label under your Vera unit assigned to "WiFI Pass".
3. Type the password and hit <Enter>

Mac & Linux

1. Open a "Terminal".
2. type:

ssh root@

You now should have access to your Vera's Root directory and it should display something like this:

BusyBox v1.15.3 (2010-06-10 18:19:49 PDT) built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands. --------------------------------------------------- *** MiOS LTD. ( www.mios.com ) *** *** *** *** WARNING : *** *** Any changes made to the system without *** *** guidance from MiOS support will VOID *** *** your future Support requests *** --------------------------------------------------- root@MiOS_xxxxx:~#

(the xxxxx will be your Vera's name)
From here you can use any shell command provided in other How To's or forum items.

Can't find the root password?

On Vera Lite's, the root password isn't printed on the bottom. So you need to access to the 'Tech Support' settings. Depending on your UI version, this is either under the Advanced tab, the Settings tab, or the Account tab. There will be an 'enable' button. Click that to turn on the tech support service. You will see a message like this:

Tech support full control enabled, access code 3000000-436969

The first number is your serial number, which is always printed on the bottom. The second number is a temporary password created for a user called "remote". So, follow the same login instructions, but, instead of typing root for the login, type remote. And instead of using the normal password, use that temporary password, 436969 in this case. Once you have gotten in to the console, you can see the actual root password using this command: nvram show | grep pass

You'll see something like this:

root@MiOS_30000000:~# nvram show | grep pass vera_wifipass=shade83forest

So in this case, shade83forest, is the actual root password. Write it down, and from now on login as 'root' as explained earlier, and use that password. The temporary password for the remote user will only be valid for 24 hours or until you click 'Disable it' on the tech support page.


please find more info here;

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