GE Advanced Remote 45601

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Place Vera in Add Device mode.

For the GE 45601: On the GE Remote, press and hold Setup until the display reads "Light Setup". Press the right arrow until it says "Transfer". Press OK. Press the right arrow until it says "Receive". Press OK.

For the GE 45600: On the GE remote, press and hold setup until both the red and green LED's blink twice. Then press 9, 6, 7 on the numeric keypad.

The GE Remote will appear on your dashboard as a device. Click the setup icon (wrench) and on the scenes tab you can pick scenes to assign to the 9 scene buttons. Create the scenes in Vera like normal. Scenes can include adjusting thermostats, turning lights on or off, or anything else you can do in a scene. To activate one of the scenes, press the 'Scene' button on the remote to ensure it's in Scene mode. Then the 9 scene on buttons will trigger whatever scene you specified in the setup. Note that the scene 'off' buttons won't do anything. If you want to be able to turn lights off, you should create a scene with the lights to turn off. To use the 9 off buttons you will need to program the scenes as described in the GE manual on the remote directly.

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