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Pairing the GE 45600/45601

Place Vera in Add Device mode.

For the GE 45601: On the GE Remote, press and hold Setup until the display reads "Light Setup". Press the right arrow until it says "Transfer". Press OK. Press the right arrow until it says "Receive". Press OK.

For the GE 45600: On the GE remote, press and hold setup until both the red and green LED's blink twice. Then press 9, 6, 7 on the numeric keypad.

The GE Remote will appear on your dashboard as a device. Click the setup icon (wrench) and on the scenes tab you can pick scenes to assign to the 9 scene buttons. Create the scenes in Vera like normal. Scenes can include adjusting thermostats, turning lights on or off, or anything else you can do in a scene. To activate one of the scenes, press the 'Scene' button on the remote to ensure it's in Scene mode. Then the 9 scene on buttons will trigger whatever scene you specified in the setup. Note that the scene 'off' buttons won't do anything. If you want to be able to turn lights off, you should create a scene with the lights to turn off. To use the 9 off buttons you will need to program the scenes as described in the GE manual on the remote directly.

Adding scenes on the remotes

These remotes are similar in use but the guide below was made for the GE 45600. For the 45601 please pair it using the method explained above.

1. Pair the GE remote to the Vera just like it was another Z-Wave light module. Put the Vera into Pairing Mode and on the GE, press and hold down the SETUP button until the green and red lights flash twice. Then enter the programming code 967. After they pair, the GE remote will show up on the Vera device dashboard as a Scene Controller.

2. Now create some scenes on the Vera and associate it with the GE remote by doing the following steps. Do this in the Vera's Automation menu.

a. Create a new scene and give it a meaningful name - like "GE Table Lamp ON"

b. Put the scene into the correct room if you want - like "Living Room"

c. Now select the device you want to turn ON - like the table lamp, and select the ON function.

d. Now go into the TRIGGERS function for the new scene. The GE remote will be the trigger for this scene. E. Click on the "Add Trigger" button to create a new Trigger and do the following.

Device: Select the "scene controller" for the GE remote that was paired in the beginning. You should see it at the bottom of the list if it was the latest device paired. It should look like "#18_Scene Controller". This allows the GE remote to trigger the scene you're creating and control the table lamp's ON function through the scene.

e. What Type of Event: Select the "A scene is activated" for this scene as you're turning something ON.

- Name for this Trigger: Put down something like "Scene ON" for the name.

- Which Scene Number: Put down the number of the button on the GE remote to control the scene. If you want button ONE on the remote to do this, put down the number 1.

f. Click on the "Back to Triggers" and click on the "Confirm Changes" to save the new scene.

g. Now do the exact same steps to create a new scene to turn the table lamp OFF. Give it the appropriate names and when you select the action for the table lamp, select the OFF function. For the "What Type of Event" parameter, select the "A scene is de-activated" this time as you're turning something OFF. Remember to associate the OFF function with the same button on the remote as the ON function. For our example, I used button one (1) again. Now the ON and OFF buttons will work to trigger the right scene event.

h. Repeat these procedures to create new scenes you'd like the GE remote to control.

i. After you're done creating all the new scenes for the GE remote's buttons, you MUST PAIR the GE remote with the Vera controller again. Follow the instructions above to pair. This will synch the new scenes to the remote and the two will now work.

j. When you test the GE remote, make sure you push the SCENE button to put the remote into the Scene Mode. Now when you push the buttons for ON and OFF, the GE remote should control the devices you programmed in the Vera.

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