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Your Vera purchase includes a Z-Wave dongle, which must remain plugged into the back of Vera for her Z-Wave functions to work. You do not need to do anything for the dongle to work with Vera.

If you want to use the dongle separately from Vera, or purchased an extra dongle on its own, you will need the appropriate CP210x USB-RS232 drivers for your operating system. They are available here:

  1. Download the Windows drivers for the Zwave Stick:
  2.1. Go to:
  2.2. Download [b]VCP Driver Kit [/b]
  2.3. If you don't have an unzip program (a program to extrac the zip archive) grab 7zip from here:
  2.3.1. Download [b]7-Zip 4.65 [/b]
  2.4. Extract the archive and run CP210x_VCP_Win2K_XP_S2K3.exe
  2.4.1. Install the Drivers.
  3. Plug the black Zwave dongle in your PC USB PORT

Once the drivers are installed, the dongle should show up as a COM port or serial device. Then any software designed to work with the Z-Wave serial API, such as ControlThink, HomeSeer, etc., should work fine. Windows users may need to edit the port settings and set them as follows:
Bits per second: 115200
Data bits: 8 Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow Control: none

To add devices to the dongle, tap the button so the blue light is blinking slowly. Then activate your nearby Z-Wave devices. To remove devices, press and hold the button until it blinks quickly, then activate your nearby Z-Wave devices. You can also add/remove devices while the dongle is attached to the PC's USB interface using your Z-Wave software's add/remove device function. Use your Z-Wave software to replicate the Z-Wave network.

Z-Wave Dongle Versions:

  • 2.40 = Zensys Firmware 4.27;
  • 2.48 = Zensys Firmware 5.02;
  • 2.60 = Zensys Firmware 5.02 Service Pack 2;
  • 2.78 = Zensys Firmware 5.02 Service Pack 3.

You can determine the dongle version looking at the Version: line on the More Z-Wave Options page (Devices -> Z-Wave -> More Z-Wave Options).

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