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Luup plugins talk to serial ports (RS232) using a serial->ethernet proxy. This allows the serial ports to reside anywhere on the network, including devices like the Global Cache GC-100. If you want to connect your Luup device to a COM port on your Windows computer, download this zip file:

Unpack the contents of the ZIP file into a directory on your Windows computer, such as C:\serproxy and start a command prompt by choosing "Run" and entering: cmd

Change to the directory that contains the contents of, such as typing: cd \serproxy

Run the program by typing this in the console:

serproxy.exe ip windows port

where "ip" is the IP address of Vera, and "port" is a Windows COM: port, such as COM2. For example:

serproxy.exe windows COM1

NOTE: The source code, for both Linux and Windows, is here.

NOTE: On Vera, serproxy is no longer used because serproxy (the GPL app) has some issues with dropping characters. So we switched to ser2net (, and the serproxy binary is just a wrapper that calls ser2net.

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