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Normally Vera you connect the WAN port on Vera to your modem or home network to give Vera an internet connection. This method, using a physical network wired connection, is best. However, if you need to position Vera in a location where there is no hardwired internet connection, but you have an existing wi-fi network, you can tell Vera to go into 'Wi-Fi client mode'. This means that instead of Vera providing wi-fi to other devices, Vera will instead connect to your existing wi-fi network for internet. Vera will also bridge the 4 LAN ports marked LAN1-LAN4 so you can connect devices to those ports, and they will have internet access through Vera over the wi-fi.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you put Vera in wi-fi client mode you must immediately disconnect any cable which connects Vera back to your home network. Presumably this means disconnecting the cable in Vera's WAN port if that's what you initially connected to your home network. If there is a network cable connected to Vera's WAN or LAN port while Vera is in wi-fi client mode which connects to your home's access point, it can cause problems on your entire home network and make the access point go down since it will see the same device connected with both LAN and Wi-Fi. So once you put Vera in wi-fi client mode, disconnect the cables.

To put Vera in wi-fi client mode, click Advanced, Net & Wi-fi from Vera's setup menu and choose the option "Through a wi-fi access point. Vera is a bridge." You will need to choose the existing wi-fi network and provide any password for it, if any. After you click 'save', be sure to disconnect the cables as mentioned above.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If Vera is unable to connect to your wi-fi network and you want to modify Vera's network settings, you have 2 options. First you can double click the red button on the back of Vera. That will reset Vera's network settings to the default, without losing your other changes, like rooms, users, etc. You can then connect Vera with the WAN port like normal and re-configure the network. The second option is to connect your PC to one of Vera's LAN ports and give your PC the static IP address Then you can go to to modify Vera's network settings without resetting them.

BRIDGING: Although you cannot connect Vera's WAN or LAN ports back into your access point, you can plug other network devices, like a GC100 or a laptop, into Vera's WAN or LAN ports and Vera will bridge them over wi-fi so they have an internet connection from your main access point.

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