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How to Manually Setup Vera3 in Access Point Mode :

This means that all of Vera's Ethernet ports and WIFI will be bridged together and the dhcp server on it will be disabled,
permitting the user to connect Vera's WAN port to it's main router and any other device that connects to Vera's LAN ports or WIFI
it will get an ip address from the user main router, not from Vera!

NOTE: This configuration in certain cases can prevent Vera from getting an IP address from your main router, or even all the devices that are connecting through Vera to your main router
to loose the connection to your network. Use at your own risk!
Obs: In case you can't connect to your Vera unit anymore, you need to setup a static IP on your computer like, connect it to Vera's LAN port and then access your Vera at address.

- setup Vera's Network in Automatic Configure and connect it's WAN port to your main router/network
- setup your computer a static ip :
- connect it to Vera's LAN1 port
- download putty and ssh into your Vera ( link to ssh tutorial )
- remove Vera network auto-configure feature :

rm /etc/cmh/fresh_install

- edit Vera switch and network settings using vim ( link to vim tutorial ) or uci ( link to uci tutorial )

uci show network
  • delete wan vlan
uci del network.@switch_vlan[1]
  • add wan switch port in lan vlan
uci set network.@switch_vlan[0].ports="0t 1 2 3 4 5"
  • define wan interface as an alias to lan bridge
uci set network.wan.ifname="br-lan:0"

- edit Vera dhcp settings

uci show dhcp
  • disable dhcp on lan
uci set dhcp.lan.dynamicdhcp=0
  • add DHCPINFORM fix
uci add_list dhcp.lan.dhcp_option="option:dns-server"
uci add_list dhcp.wan.dhcp_option="option:dns-server"

- commit your changes

uci commit

- confirm that your config files look like this :

  • cat /etc/config/network
config 'interface' 'loopback'
   option 'ifname' 'lo'
   option 'proto' 'static'
   option 'ipaddr' ''
   option 'netmask' ''

config 'interface' 'lan'
   option 'ifname' 'eth0.1'
   option 'type' 'bridge'
   option 'proto' 'static'
   option 'ipaddr' ''
   option 'netmask' ''
   option 'macaddr' '00:0e:8f:XX:XX:XX'

config 'interface' 'wan'
   option 'proto' 'dhcp'
   option 'macaddr' '00:0e:8f:XX:XX:XX'
   option 'ifname' ''''br-lan:0''''

config 'switch'
   option 'name' 'eth0'
   option 'reset' '1'
   option 'enable_vlan' '1'

config 'switch_vlan'
   option 'device' 'eth0'
   option 'vlan' '1'
   option 'ports' ''''0t 1 2 3 4 5''''
  • cat /etc/config/wireless
config 'wifi-device' 'radio0'
   option 'type' 'mac80211'
   option 'channel' '11'
   option 'macaddr' '00:0e:8f:XX:XX:XX'
   option 'hwmode' '11ng'
   option 'htmode' 'HT20'
   list 'ht_capab' 'GF'
   list 'ht_capab' 'SHORT-GI-20'
   list 'ht_capab' 'SHORT-GI-40'
   list 'ht_capab' 'TX-STBC'
   list 'ht_capab' 'RX-STBC12'
   option 'disabled' '0'

config 'wifi-iface'
   option 'device' 'radio0'
   option 'network' 'lan'
   option 'mode' 'ap'
   option 'hidden' '0'
   option 'ssid' 'vera_SERIAL'
   option 'encryption' 'psk2'
   option 'key' 'PASSWORD'
  • cat /etc/config/dhcp
config 'dnsmasq'
   option 'domainneeded' '1'
   option 'boguspriv' '1'
   option 'filterwin2k' '0'
   option 'localise_queries' '1'
   option 'rebind_protection' '1'
   option 'rebind_localhost' '1'
   option 'local' '/lan/'
   option 'domain' 'lan'
   option 'expandhosts' '1'
   option 'nonegcache' '0'
   option 'readethers' '1'
   option 'leasefile' '/tmp/dhcp.leases'
   option 'resolvfile' '/tmp/'
   option 'authoritative' '0'

config 'dhcp' 'lan'
   option 'interface' 'lan'
   option 'start' '100'
   option 'limit' '150'
   option 'ignore' '0'
   option 'force' '1'
   option 'leasetime' '60m'
   option 'dynamicdhcp' ''''0''''
   list 'dhcp_option' 'option:dns-server'

config 'dhcp' 'wan'
   option 'interface' 'wan'
   option 'dynamicdhcp' ''''0''''
   option 'ignore' '0'
   option 'force' '1'
   list 'dhcp_option' 'option:dns-server'

- now we prepare to apply our network changes :
* bring down old wan interface

ifconfig eth0.2 down
  • remove old cached network settings
rm /var/state/network
  • restart network
/etc/init.d/network restart
  • restart dhcp server
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

- check your network settings


you should see only the following interfaces :


- check if you have internet on you Vera unit


- if everything looks alright your should power cycle your unit, change your computer static IP to dhcp and test the configuration !
Note: If you want to revert your changes you can set to Automatic Network Configure from the UI and everything shoudl be reverted with the exception of the DHCPINFORM fix on the lan interface which will prevent devices connected on Vera's lan to get automatically an DNS server. In order to fix this you'll need to ssh into your unit and delete that record :

uci del dhcp.lan.dhcp_option

The you need to restart the dhcp server or reboot your unit :

/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

Note: If this config will work without issues on most of the clients, we will add it back in the UI with a note, in one of the next firmware release.

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