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HOWTO use a Z-wave dongle with your Vera 2 hardware



  • Vera 2 hardware
  • A compatible Z-wave USB dongle


Here's a short description on how to us a dongle with Vera 2. Vera 2 has an internal z-wave chip. However an external dongle can still be used.

The dongle is plugged into one of Vera's USB ports and contains a Z-Wave chip that communicates to your Z-Wave devices. Also, when you pair Vera to Z-Wave devices (that is, 'Add' Z-Wave devices), that pairing information is stored in the dongle. So, if you ever need to replace your dongle, you'll have to reset the Z-Wave devices and add them again or use the internal chip of your Vera to do this again.


1. From the dashboard go to Z-Wave, Options and look for port. /dev/tts/1 (this is the address for the internal chip)

To switch to USB Z-Wave you will need to change that address to (0 being the bottom usb slot and 1 being the top).




2. Edit the address to whatever USB slot you are using, and don't forget the first forward slash!


please find more info in the forum here:

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