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To use the Somfy plugin, follow these steps:

1. Click Devices, Luup Plugins. Then 'install/uninstall plugins'. Find the 'Somfy plugin', click 'install', then click 'save'.

2. When the data is saved wait for the 'continue' to appear, then click it. Then click 'Devices' you will be asked to specify the room the Somfy Blind Interface is in.

3. Go to Devices, Luup Plugins, click 'Serial Port Configuration'. Find the serial port which you connected the Somfy interface to. Set the Baud to 9600, Parity to None, Data Bits to 8, Stop Bits to 1, and in the 'used by device', choose 'Somfy Blinds'.

4. Go to Devices, Luup Plugins, find the Somfy blind interface, click the '+' button. In the box marked 'BlindIds' put in a list of all the blind numbers which are active. The Somfy interface supports 16 blinds, and Vera cannot know which of those 16 ports are actually connected to blinds. So rather than just displaying 16 blinds when you probably only have a couple hooked up, Vera expects you to enter in the "ID" field which ports actually have blinds. Each number must be 2 digits, padded with a 0, and separated with a comma, with no spaces. So if you have blinds connected to ports 5, 9 and 12, enter in the ID box: 05,09,12. By default you will have blinds 01 and 02.

5. In the box UrtsiId, change the 01 to a single exclamation point, ie the ! character, if you are using an URTSI version 1. For version 2, you can normally leave the 01 as the default, unless it's set to a different house id.

6. Click 'Save'. Wait for the 'continue' button appear, click it. Wait about 30 seconds for the Somfy interface to startup up, then click 'Devices'. You will see the new blinds that you specified in #3. Pick the rooms they are in, and you're done.

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