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Note: This information is only for Vera1/UI2. For more information about Vera2 with UI4 go to and for more information about Vera2, Vera3, Vera Lite with UI5 go to

Reset / Exclude / Un-pair / Remove Node from ZWave Network

Z-Wave devices, like lamp modules, light switches, sensors, and so on, can only be added to one Z-Wave network. If you experience difficulty adding a device to Vera's Z-Wave network by carrying the black Z-Wave dongle to it, this may be a sign that the Z-Wave device was already paired with another Z-Wave controller, and needs to be reset.

You can reset the Z-Wave device using Vera's black Z-Wave dongle using the following steps:

  1. Remove Vera's Z-Wave dongle and be sure the dongle is 'Off'.
    In this case the blue light will be off. If the blue light is on, or blinking, tap the button on the dongle to turn it off.
  2. Press and hold the button on Vera's Z-Wave dongle for 3 seconds until the blue light starts blinking rapidly.
    When you see the blue light blinking rapidly, then you can carry the dongle with you and it will reset any Z-Wave that you activate while that device is within 3 feet (1 meter) of the dongle.
  3. Activate the Z-Wave device.
    You typically activate Z-Wave devices, like lamp modules, by turning them on or off. Some Z-Wave devices, like sensors and thermostats, may have an 'Active' or 'Include' button, as explained in their manuals. If you activate a Z-Wave device while Vera's Z-Wave dongle is in the 'Reset' mode, meaning the blue light is blinking fast, then the Z-Wave device will be reset.
  4. After resetting a device, the blue light on Vera's Z-Wave dongle will momentarily stop blinking.
    If you have several devices to reset, just leave the Z-Wave dongle in this 'Reset' mode while you carry it around and activate all the devices you want to reset.

Once a Z-Wave device has been reset, you may want to use it with Vera:

  1. Tap the button on Vera's Z-Wave dongle to stop the reset mode and turn the dongle off.
    In this case the blue light will go out out.
  2. Tap the button again briefly so that the blue light is blinking slowly.
    This means the dongle is now in 'Include' mode.
  3. Activate the Z-Wave device.
    When you activate a Z-Wave device within 3 feet (1 meter) of the dongle, you will see the blue light on the dongle stop blinking and come on solid momentarily, to let you know that it was successfully added to Vera's Z-Wave network.

Either way, Vera now needs to know what's changed so:

  1. When you're finished, insert the black Z-Wave dongle back into the port on the back of Vera
  2. Go to the 'Devices' tab on Vera's setup web page
    Within about 30 seconds of inserting the dongle, to see any new devices you have included.
  3. Fill in the Details and Save

Note: If you have made changes to Vera's setup page, and have not saved those changes, you will not see your new devices. Instead you will see a red message that says: This data has changed and is not up to date. Click "SAVE" to save your changes and refresh the page. You need to click 'SAVE' before seeing your devices.

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