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HOWTO remove obsolete LUUP files from your Vera.



  • Vera 1 or 2 hardware
  • "SSH Access to your Vera [1]


Heres a short manual on how to remove unwanted Luup files from your Vera
Please use this how to CAREFULLY (this cannot be stressed enough) remove certain obsolete files.
Remove ONLY files of which you are CERTAIN are obsolete.


You can not remove files in the cmh-ludl directory from the root directory. You will get an error message stating "Permission denied".

1. Instead type;

chdir /etc/cmh-ludl

hit <enter>
It should now say


2. To display a list of all the files in this folder, type;


3. hit <Enter>, that is LS in lowercase, Linux is case sensitive
Make sure you write down the EXACT names of the files you want to remove
(For example: D_Weather.xml.lzo) xml files are sometimes renamed to xxxxx.xml.lzo for the internal workings of Luup
Now for removing the unwanted files.(For instance UPnP files can look something like "D_FUP_uuid faxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.xml")

4.To do this type:

rm -i *FUP*

hit <Enter>

5. Linux will need confirmation if you want to do this, type


and hit <Enter>

6. To confirm every file you want to keep, type


and hit <Enter>

7. After all unwanted files have been deleted. type


8.Hit <Enter> and see if all unwanted files have been removed.

9. If they have, type


and hit <Enter>.

The PuTTY program will now close.


please find more info here [2]
Help on logging in to your Vera using SSH can be found here: [3]

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