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To add the RemoteLinc to Vera, go to Devices, INSTEON & X10, click 'Add/Remove INSTEON device'. In the box "If you know the INSTEON id", enter the id of the RemoteLinc and click 'Add an INSTEON device' beneath it. Then click 'Save'. Wait 60 seconds or until the configuration has stopped and when you click on 'Devices' you will see your new device as a Generic I/O. Press the 'All On' button on the RemoteLinc to wake it up so Vera can figure out that it's a RemoteLinc. Wait a minute or so and click on devices again. It should now appear as a Scene Controller. Assign it to a room, give it a name, click 'continue' and then 'Save'. After Vera finishes configuring again press the 'All On' button again to wake it up again so Vera can complete the configuration of the RemoteLinc. When it's all done you will see a green cog wheel next to the device to indicate that it's configured and ready to go.

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