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NorthQ Gas and Power Meters

The basic purpose of the device is to count impulses/flashes from a metering device and to save impulse count in nonvolatile memory with 15 minutes interval.

When using the battery powered – version of the Power Reader the registered consumption data from the power meter will be transferred every 15 minutes in order to optimize the battery performance. The wireless transmitter in the Power Reader is able to perform a variety of functions by pressing the grey sensor button, located in the bottom of transmitter.

The push button on the device works as described below:

1 press: Enter wake-up (real-time) mode + sends wakeup duration config report

2 presses: Exit wakeup mode (go to normal mode)

3 presses: Send Node information frame + Enter inclusion/exclusion mode

5 presses: Start auto calibration (mechanical meters only)

7 presses: Reset to factory defaults ( Also clears Z-Wave associations )


To include the device you will have to press 3 times on the z-wave button when Vera is in include mode.

Once it's included you will have to manually wake-up the device by pressing 3 times on the z-wave button and the device will configure.

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