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By default Vera automatically configure it's network, in your case if you connect it to your router it will automatically configure in switch mode.
From the logs I've noticed that your router assigned ip to your Vera unit, which is  wrong because it's an internet IP ( it should be ),
and because of this Vera will auto configure in gateway mode with firewall active and you won't be able to reach it and on
and you'll see "Vera not found on your home network" message.

Please follow this steps to fix it:
    - unplug Vera from the power cord
    - unplug all the cables from Vera
    - plug a cable from your computer into Vera's LAN 1 port
    - plug Vera into the power cord
    - wait it to start and for your computer to get an ip address:
          + on windows you can type this in Start->Run to view it: cmd /K ipconfig
          + on linux and windows you have to start an command line and type there ifconfig | grep -B1 "inet addr"
          + by default you should receive an ip from Vera that should be in this range -
                - if you've changed the default LAN IP in Vera  you'll receive an IP from that range
                - if you've disable Vera's dhcp server you won't receive any ip and you'll have to setup one manually on you pc
                      that should be in Vera's subnet ( ie: if you've left default ip lan settings but disable dhcp you'll have to put on your pc an ip like )
          + after you have an ip on your PC and you can ping Vera's ip successfully open an web browser and type this:
    or http://<and_the_ip_that_you've_set_on_your_Vera_LAN_side_in_Net&Wi-Fi_page>
     - Vera's web interface should open and then go to Setup->Advanced->Net&Wi-Fi
          + check the Internet settings:
                - if you let it to DHCP, your primary router should assign an IP address to Vera
                - if you don't have a dhcp server you can set it to Static and manually set an IP to your Vera
          + Firewall
                - if you connect your Vera to another router you have to set it to No Firewall (bridge)
                - if Vera is directly connected to the cable modem set the Firewall to Active
more informations can be found on this manual page:
          + LAN
                -DHCP Server: off - if you connect vera to another router
                                           on - if you connect Vera directly to the internet
                - IP address: - this is Vera's lan ip address, this SHOULDN'T be the same or in the same subnet as it's Internet IP or as other router that's on your network
                                      - you can reach Vera on this IP only if the firewall is in "No Firewall (bridge)" mode and you're connecting to one of the LAN ports of Vera
    - Press Save and Apply only if you've done any changes. Pressing this will disable the auto-network configure function!!! So if you connect right now your Vera to another router
and the firewall is set in bridge mode and then you connect your Vera to your cable mode, you'll have to manually set Vera's firewall to Active or No Firewall in order to have
internet access on your PC also.

    - connect the WAN port of your Vera to your other router or cable mode.
          + if you connect it to a cable modem: the first time you'll have to power cycle the cable mode, wait for it to synchronize and then plug Vera's cable in it
          + if you connect it to another router, it will switch in bridge mode, you'll get another ip from your main router and you won't be able to access its UI
                - you'll have to reconnect to it's Internet ip which you've setup manually or it was released by your main router dhcp server
                - or if you have your pc connected to the internet and Vera is also connected to the internet ( the power led is solid ) you can go to
          and click on "Configure Vera on my home network"

In order to activate the service you'll have first to connect directly to your Vera and the go to Setup->FindVera.Com page and set it up.

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