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The list of USB-Serial devices from the Serial Port configuration page (Apps -> Develop Apps -> Serial Port configuration) is populated by serproxy.

serproxy gets the list of devices from /proc/tty/driver/usbserial. It only gets the devices that have the "path:", "name:" and "module:" properties. If any of these properties are missing, serproxy will ignore the device.

Next, it tries to identify the device. By default, it can only identify 4 devices:

  • vendor:0403 product:6001
  • vendor:0403 product:6010 // FTDI FT232BM
  • vendor:067b product:2303 // PL-2303
  • vendor:0856 product:ac33 // B&B Electronics

If the device is not known by serproxy, it looks for it in /etc/cmh/serproxy.ports. If it finds it there, serproxy will create a Luup device of type urn:micasaverde-org:device:SerialPort:1, otherwise it will ignore the device.

So, if your USB-Serial device doesn't show up on the Serial Port configuration page, first make sure it shows up in /proc/tty/driver/usbserial, then add it in /etc/cmh/serproxy.ports like this:

vendor:06cd product:0121

If the device doesn't appear in /proc/tty/driver/usbserial, follow the instructions on this forum post:,1471.0.html

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