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This page is OBSOLETE

When you upgrade Vera to the new version, called Luup, from any of the previous versions, there are several important changes you need be aware of.

1. You won't see the usual warning message that you need to refresh your browser after the upgrade. Instead you may see errors. The solution is just to refresh the page in your browser (i.e. not using the browser cache). In IE, Firefox and Chrome this is done by pressing Ctrl+F5. In Firefox or Safari you can also choose View, Reload Page from the menu.

2. Go to Vera's 'Users' tab and wherever you specified a phone number to receive SMS text messages you will now need to choose the mobile phone carrier. For U.S. and Canadian customers, the phone number must be 10 digits only, without a 1 in front. If your carrier is not listed choose 'Other'. You will not receive SMS text messages until you update this.

3. The process to control Vera from your mobile phone has now changed. If you will use your mobile phone's browser to access Vera you must first go to Devices, Luup Plugins, and install either the basic text-only WAP version, and/or the graphical smartphone version. You can also install the native versions. Either way, visit from your mobile phone, and follow the instructions.

4. You can now track notifications to be sure you get them as you should. On Vera's 'Setup' page, choose Advanced, Logs to see a list of all recent activity, both reportable events like a door being opened, and notifications where Vera contacted you by email or SMS text. Once the event or notification is reported to the FindVera server, you can track its progress. Only the 20 most recent events and notifications are stored locally in Vera, but a full database of all events and notifications is viewable by logging in to

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