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To be considered fully functional a UPnP Control Point must have support for the following device types and services/actions:



Must have a graphical representation of on/off which corresponds to the SwitchPower/Status variable

Mandatory Services/Actions: SwitchPower/SetTarget


Must have a graphical representation of a dimming control, such as a slider which corresponds to a Dimming/LoadLevelStatus variable, in addition to the requirements for a BinaryLight.

Mandatory Services/Actions in addition to BinaryLight: Dimming/SetLoadLevelTarget


Must show the current heat and cool setpoints, ambient temperature as well as the operating mode and fan mode.

Mandatory Services/Actions: HVAC_UserOperatingMode/SetModeTarget, HVAC_FanOperatingMode/SetMode, TemperatureSetpoint/SetCurrentSetpoint (both heat & cool)


Must show the current arm/bypass state as well as the Tripped state.

Mandatory Services/Actions: MotionSensor/SetArmedStatus


Must show the current value.


Must show the current locked/unlocked state.

Mandatory Services/Actions: DoorLock/SetTarget, DoorLock/SetUserCode, DoorLock/ClearUserCode


Must be able to show the current image from the camera with auto-refresh.

Mandatory Services/Actions: PanTiltZoom1/MoveLeft,Right,Up,Down,In,Out

Additional requirements

The control point must retrieve a list of rooms using the HomeAutomationGateway service and group the devices by room. It must also show the scenes in a room and support HomeAutomationGateway/RunScene to start a scene.

When a UPnP action results in a 'JobID' in the return arguments, it must use the HomeAutomationGateway/GetStatus action to show the user the job is in progress with a 'success' or 'fail' icon when it completes.

It must allow the user to operate the device when away from home by prompting the user for a username/password and secure gateway, which can be stored if the user wishes, and changing the IP for the UPnP requests to the secure gateway and passing the username/password. No changes are required to the UPnP SOAP requests themselves to use the secure gateway; only the URL changes.

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