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Note: This information is only for Vera1/UI2. For more information about Vera2 with UI4 go to and for more information about Vera2, Vera3, Vera Lite with UI5 go to

Normally it can be quite difficult to install security cameras in your home that you can monitor remotely from a web page or your cell phone. Most cameras require you to understand networking concepts, and, if you put them on the internet, they don't use a secure connection, meaning hackers can get in and watch you through your cameras. Vera solves all these issues and makes it effortless and safe to add security cameras and remotely monitor your home.

What you'll need:

Security cameras:

Wired or Wireless cameras

If you buy the wireless cameras from Mi Casa Verde they come pre-configured to work with your Vera so you just plug them in and no setup is required

Mobile phone

Any mobile phone that can receive text messages will work to receive alerts. To remotely control your house, get a mobile phone with an internet connection. For Blackberry's and other phones that support Java we offer a handy control application. For all other phones, just use the built-in web browser.

How to do it

1. As described in the Quick Start Guide, connect Vera and get into Vera's setup panel by visiting from any web browser and clicking 'setup'.

2. Perform the basic setup process of listing the rooms in your home, adding your devices (the sensors and cameras), and creating a password on This takes only a couple minutes and is described here:

3. On the devices tab click the '+' sign next to the camera(s). For each camera indicate which sensors the camera is close to, what lights to turn on when viewing the camera, and how to archive the video.

4. Open your phone's web browser and go to

5. If you have a Blackberry or other phone that supports Java applications there is a handy application that runs on your mobile phone and is generally more comfortable to use than the built-in web browser. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Java app for Blackberry, Nokia and others' link. Follow your phone's prompts to install the application. Then run the application in your phone. Depending on your phone the application may be on the main menu or in an "Applications" folder or an "Installation" folder. When the application starts, choose "Secure connection" and enter the username and password you chose for If you don't the password stored in your phone, leave the password field blank and you will be prompted for the password each time you start the application. If you do enter your password on the connection page be sure to change it on if you ever lose your phone. Then, you will see a tree listing all the rooms in the home. Click a room to see the devices in it, and then click on a camera to view the camera.

6. If you're not using the Java application, enter your username/password on the page. You can save your password, although this means that if you ever lose your phone you must be sure to change your password on right away. You will now see a list of all the rooms and scenes and devices in each room. Select a camera to view the video from it.

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