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If the remote has already been included in another Z-Wave network, you need to do a factory reset on it first, as explained below, before you can add it to Vera.

Adding the Remote to Your Z-Wave Network

1. Be sure the remote is not already paired with another network. Do a factory reset as explained below if you're not sure.

2. Take the remote near Vera and choose Devices, Add Z-Wave controller from Vera's setup menu.

3. On the HA07 (screen), press and hold 'include' for a few seconds until it says 'copy', and then press the '1 off' button. It should say 'Copy RA' while transferring to Vera, and then say 'successful' when it's done.

On the HA09 (no screen) press and hold 'include' for 5 seconds. Both the red and green LEDs at the top will flash. Press and release Scene 1 'off'. The green LED will flash while configuration is transferred. The green LED will turn solid for 2 seconds upon successful transfer, or both will flash for 2 seconds on failure.

See Wayne Dalton Support 'Deluxe Remote Control' and 'Wireless Remote Control' for manuals for the HA07 and HA09 respectively (identical to Intermatic).

4. After a few seconds you should see the remote show up as an unassigned device on the devices tab in Vera's setup site. If not, reload the web page. Pick the room the remote is in, and give the remote a name if you want.

If you do not want Vera to assign scenes to the remote, but will do that using another device, you can stop here. If you want Vera to assign scenes, keep going with step 5.

5. After you assigned the scene controller to a room, click the + button next to the scene controller on the devices tab in Vera's setup site. Check the box "Treat scene buttons as events". After you save your changes, and Vera the 'please wait' and 'configuring' status messages have passed, add the controller again by repeating step 3.

6. On the scenes tab in Vera's setup site, create the scenes you want assigned to the scene controller. Click the red 'save' button to save your scenes. If you haven't yet added all the lights and other Z-Wave devices you want in the scene you'll have to do that first, of course, and come back to this step later. Click the 'Add Event' button for your scene. Choose the event 'Scene button is pressed'. Then choose the scene controller from the pull-down. Then enter the scene button you want to trigger the scene; enter a number between 1 and 5 for the 5 scene buttons.

After you save your changes, turning on the scene button triggers the scene. Note that the scene can include delays. For example, if you have a 'go to bed' scene, you may want the scene to lock the doors, turn down the thermostat, and turn off all the lights. But, you might not want the bedroom lights to go off immediately if the scene controller is on the opposite side of the room from the bed. So, in the scene, for the bedroom lights, choose the command "On" then choose "After 30 seconds", then "Set a new setting", then "Off". This way, when you choose the scene, the bedroom lights will come on for 30 seconds so you have time to walk across the room, and then turn off.

The 5 scene buttons on the scene controller can be turned 'on' or 'off'. Turning the scene on triggers the scenes 1 through 5. Turning the scene off does not turn the devices in the scene off as you would expect. Rather, turning off any of the 5 buttons causing Vera to trigger scene 0. So if you create a scene with the event for 'scene 0', it will be triggered whenever you turn off any scene. You can create a scene as described above, and in step 6 choose button #0. But this means that no matter which of the 5 scene buttons you turn off, they all trigger the scene for button #0. See ZWave Add Controller method #2 for an explanation. If this is confusing, just stick to the normal usage of buttons 1-5, but be aware that if scene 2, for example, is 'on' (ie the LED is lit), you will need to press '2' twice to get it to run the scene again. So, using this method, the normal way to turn off the lights is to have a scene which turns the devices off and assigns it to a button. For example, scene '1' could be your 'bright' scene, scene '2' could be your 'dinner scene', and scene '3' could be your 'living room lights off' and scene 4 could be your 'all lights off' scene.

As explained in ZWave Add Controller you can leave "Treat scene buttons as events" unchecked, and then create scenes the traditional Z-Wave way (ie Method #1). In this case the scene off works as you would expect. However, the scenes are much more limited. You cannot have delays, or adjust thermostats, or lock doors and so on.

Removing the Remote From Your Z-Wave Network

If you already paired the remote and want to remove it:

1. On Vera's setup page go to 'Devices', 'Z-Wave Options'.
2. Chose 'Exclude' from the pull-down menu
3. Click 'Go'
4. Then press the same sequence as in Step #3 during the 'Add' process (above).

Doing a Factory Reset

Intermatic HA07 Remote

1. Press and hold [Include]+[Delete] for several seconds until it says 'Reset'.
2. Then press and hold 'Scene 1' [On] and 'Scene 1' [Off] for several seconds it says 'all clear'.

Intermatic HA09 Remote

Reset Scenes and Network:

1. Press and hold [Include]+[Delete] for 10 seconds until the red and green lights blink alternately.
2. Press and hold [1 ON]+[1 OFF] until the green light remains solid.

Reset Scenes Only:

1. Press and hold [Include]+[Delete] for 10 seconds until the red and green lights blink alternately.
2. Press and hold [2 ON]+[2 OFF] until the green light remains solid.

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