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HOWTO install NTP on your Vera.



  • Vera 2 hardware
  • Root acces to your OpenWRT


Heres a short manual on how to install NTP to your Vera 2. Out of the box your new Vera 2 does not use NTP (Network Time Protocol) for its timer updates, but uses the less commonly used Rdate. However, NTP support and personalisation can be added after market. Here is how:
1) this is not fully supported by MiCasaVerde firmware and you should also leave rdate installed and configured
2) this is not required if everything is working fine with your Vera unit
3) if your unit time is with X hours (or X*30minutes for Australia) before/after your correct time, the issue is related to your TIMEZONE and not to the sync time client. Check if your timezone is correctly stored in /etc/TZ.


01. Gain ssh access to your vera2 (root) and use the password that is provided on the bottom of your vera2. More info on how to can be found here:[1]
02. Then run the following commands:

opkg update
opkg install ntpd
/etc/init.d/ntpd enable
/etc/init.d/ntpd start

03. To edit the ntp.conf file without using an editor like VI, use the echo command like this (important to remove ONLY the quotes before and after your and name):

echo "server "your servers ip or dns name" prefer" >> /etc/ntp.conf

04. To view the current entries in your ntp.conf type:

cat /etc/ntp.conf

05. To remove obsolete IP's or server names from the ntp.conf files type:

cat /etc/ntp.conf | grep -v "lines to remove" > /etc/

06. Check the newly created file using this command:

cat /etc/

07. Overwrite the existing file if all checks out using:

mv /etc/ /etc/ntp.conf

08. Double check the newly created ntp.conf file by typing:

cat /etc/ntp.conf

09. Restart the NTP service

/etc/init.d/ntpd restart

10. OR reboot/powercycle your vera


please find more info here:
For logging on to your Vera using SSH read this [2]

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