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HOWTO install LUUP plugins on your Vera.



  • Vera 1 or 2 hardware.
  • Luup/Lua capable firmware version (all recent firmwares are).
  • Locally available plugin files (downloaded in advance).
  • A Web Browser, other than Internet Exporer (IE), to upload the files.


Luup coded plugins can be used for a variety of tasks, like creating scenes, virtual devices and even tweaking your Vera to your own likes. These plugins can be referred to as "beta plugins" or "user-created plugins".

Code is mainly discussed (and sometimes available from) here: [1]

Officially supported plugins are available here [2]

This manual starts with the assumption you have downloaded the appropriate .json and .xml files to your harddisk.


These instructions should not be used in combination with plugins that are available through the MiOS Marketplace. Plugins from the Marketplace have a "click and install" functionality.


  1. Open your Vera UI4.
  2. Upload the files of the plugin you downloaded to your Vera box: 'MiOS Developers' -> 'Luup files' -> 'Upload files'. Do not check 'Restart Luup after upload' (bottom of the page); if it's checked, uncheck it.
  3. Go to 'Create device' and create a new Luup device with UpnpDevFilename D_<your_plugin>.xml.
  4. Set the Description to whatever you want to name the device.
  5. Restart the Lua engine to initialize the UPnP variables (curving arrows top right in your UI).
  6. Reload the webpage. Best use <CTRL + F5> to do so.
  7. Make the appropriate Luup variable settings as per directions for the creator of the plugin.

IMPORTANT: In some cases a power cycle/reboot of your Vera is necessary.


Official repository for plugins:

Alternative location (for now) [3]

Related forum threads are here:

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