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HOWTO add Z-Wave devices to your Vera



  • Vera hardware
  • UI4 firmware
  • Z-wave devices (battery or mains powered)


This is a short manual on how to include new Z-Wave devices to your Vera gateway. Although many steps might rely on the manual for your device, this "How To" will give general guidance on steps to take on your Vera as well as your device. Where applicable, this "How To" will refer to your device's manual.


  1. Go to Vera's Dashboard (Open your Web browser and type the IP address of your Vera.)
  2. In the UI click add/remove devices in the top of your UI.
  3. Click the "next" button of the Z-Wave section (top section, depicted by Z-Wave icon.)
  4. Go to the bottom section stating "Any type of Z-Wave device which you can bring close to MiOS".
  5. Make the appropriate selections here and click "GO" (most users would like to go with the failsafe options: include 1 node of type "any" with full power.)
  6. Bring your Z-Wave device into inclusion mode with the steps as describes in your users manual. (This is usually done by clicking one or more times at the manual switch.)
  7. If you can't bring the device to Vera, take Vera over to the device. The same steps apply.
  8. A new node will appear in the UI in the room you selected (or the default room.)
  9. Click the "wrench" to edit the new device, go to the settings tab and select automatically configure "YES".
  10. Click "configure node right now".
  11. Exit the settings (click cross top right of the settings screen) and click "Save" (red text in the upper left of Vera's UI.)
  • Note: Failsafe full power inclusions will mostly work if the device is in the specified range of your Vera (30 meters indoor / 100 meters outdoor)

If you feel comfortable the device is in range of your Vera, you can also leave the default "low power" setting as is. A network heal with or without stress test is advisable to make sure Vera communicates to your newly added device.

  • Note: Some users have mentioned problems when using the new Z-Wave firmware called 3.20L. Default your Vera will be on Z-Wave 2.78L. If you have upgraded, or you have a newer Vera2 box that is already on Z-Wave version 3.20L, the workaround is supposed to be to downgrade to Z-Wave 2.78L, include the device (Vera will now accept going into "Learning mode") and then upgrade to 3.20 again.


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