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iDoorContact is a complex device that can display the temperature from your sensor. To fully support in VERA the following steps are required:

  • Make sure you have at least version 1.5.622 on your unit
  • Go to Apps -> Install Apps
  • Login if needed
  • Search for "iDoorContact Plugin" and install it
  • After the plugin is installed a new generic device will be installed


  • Go to the Advanced tab and locate the iDoorContact variable

Idoor advanced.JPG

  • Fill in the Device #ID of the physical temperature sensor, which you already included in the network
  • You can find the Device #ID by clicking on the wrench key on your physical sensor and you will find it under Settings tab.

Sensor settings.JPG

  • A new child device will be created which will display the temperature.

Child device.JPG

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