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NOTE: these instructions are for UI4.


iCamView camera server allows to connect up to two compatible iCamView cameras, USB hubs, storage device for local storage, compatible Wi-Fi USB adapters, etc

UI5 Installation Instructions

  • Install the app from the Vera UI >> Apps >> Install Apps.
  • After the app is installed open the newly created device's control panel >> Advanced tab and enter the IP of the iCamView server in the ip field.
  • Save

UI4 Installation Instructions

To install follow the simple steps:

  • Download I_ICamView.xml from the link below
  • Upload I_ICamView.xml on Vera
  • Create a new Luup device using existing device D_DigitalSecurityCamera1.xml
  • In the new device go to Advanced settings and populate UpnpImplFilename field with I_ICamView.xml
  • Fill IP field with IP address of your iCamView server
  • Check field Camera - it contains the number of your camera on the server. Default value is 1, change it to 2 if the device is for the second camera
  • Save

Download iCamView plugin

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