How to setup Geolocation & Geofencing

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Note: Your phone must have GPS and must be activated

Vera can use your smartphone to determine where you are. Scenes will be automatically launched and house mode changed based on whether you are leaving or returning home (i.e. locking doors, turning lights on/off, adjusting the thermostat, etc.).

Login into the "Vera mobile UI7" mobile app.

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Edit the house modes by tapping on the ">" button
  • Scroll down and tap on the "Add new geo fence" button
  • Give a name to your location, select the radius size and then tap the button in red to locate your location.
  • Exit editing mode

How to create scenes with location

  • Go to Scenes and tap the "Add scene" button
  • Select 'location' as a trigger for your scene.
  • Tap on your location and select the state: 'exit' or 'enter' (If you select exit the scene should run whenever you exit from that perimeter)
  • Continue and select the action.
  • Give a name to your scene and save it.
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