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Note: Please keep in mind this information is from our forum users.

To configure a Z-Wave garage door that can be controlled by Vera, you could look at the following options:

Option 1:
Using  the Wayne Dalton: the conversion module/receiver Wayne dalton-wdrr-372r, the keyless key chain controller wayne-dalton-3150r and the gateway wayne-dalton-wdha-12r.

Option 2:
Wire one of these in parallel around each of your garage door push-button switches: ACT ZRF113: homepro-zrf113 or a switch . Each is powered by 120v but has an isolated relay that can be used with Vera to simulate a button push.

Now add a Door Sensor to each of your garage doors so that Controller can track the open/close status of the doors.
When you arrive home, just use your existing garage door opener to open the door. The door sensor will alert Controller and you can trigger events, based on that. Also, you'll be able to monitor the status of the door remotely and control the door with the ACT devices.

For more information please visit:,2757.0.html,4773.15.html

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