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HOWTO Use Vera to Restart Your Foscam Camera


  • Vera hardware
  • UI5 Firmware
  • Supported Foscam Camera
  • Foscam Camera IP Address
  • Foscam Camera Admin username / password


This is a short manual on how to control use Vera to Restart your Foscam Camera.

Creating Scene to Control Foscam Camera Restart

   1. Go to Vera's Dashboard (Open your Web browser and type the IP address of your Vera, or connect through

   2. In the UI, select the Automation tab.

   3. From the Automation screen, select the New Scene tab.

   4. At the Create Scene screen, enter a name for the Scene in the provided field.

   5. At the Create Scene screen, from the top select the LUUP tab.

   6. At the LUUP screen, enter the following into the Code field:

luup.inet.wget( 'http://veraip/reboot.cgi?&user=username&pwd=password')
  • Change the values for veraip, username and password to the specifics for your configuration.

   7. Click the "Save lua" button.

   8. Click the "Confirm Changes" button.

   9. At the Automation tab, click the red "Save" button.

   10. At the Save Data screen, click the "Continue" button. 

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