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HOWTO Fix bug 1481 "missing logo" in UI4.



Bug 0001481 [1] reports: missing logo in "add devices" section. Even though its a very minor bug, this requires some user interaction if you want it solved. As Vera doesn't support patching, fixing this requires replacing a file. Please note that VERA does not support SFTP so you will need to select FTP as protocol.


  • UI4
  • Please use a program like WinSCP or SCP (depending if you are on a windows client or a linux based client).


  1. Download the attached file.
  2. unpack the downloaded archive to "cpanel_data.js"
  3. SSH into Vera [2].
  4. Delete "/www/cmh/js/ui3/cpanel_data.js"
  5. Copy the (unpacked) file attached to" /www/cmh/js/ui3/"


WinSCP can be found here:
Bugreport at:


Please download the correct version of the Cpanel_data file here (with description): [[3]]
To simply download the file click here: Fix

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