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HOWTO get Vera back to the factory default state


You can return Vera to the factory default state, wiping out all the configuration changes you have made.

First, if you want to reset the Z-Wave network, that is the list of Z-Wave devices that you have paired using Vera's black Z-Wave dongle, open Vera's Setup page and click 'Devices', then 'Z-Wave Options' and then 'Reset Z-Wave Network'.

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Next, if you also want to reset everything else in Vera, including any changes you've made to Vera's networking, any rooms or scenes or users you've added, your location settings, and so on, then from Vera's setup page click 'Advanced', 'Backup' and click 'Restore Factory Defaults'. Alternatively, you can press the black button on the back of Vera marked 'restore' twice in rapid succession, then watch the power light on the front of Vera. The power light will go out when Vera is doing a reset. In order to avoid accidentally resetting Vera and losing your data, you have to double press the black button quickly. So if the power light doesn't go out, try again until it does. On Vera 2 with UI5, Vera 3 and Vera Lite you have to keep the Reset button pressed for 10 seconds. On Vera 2 you will find the Reset button on the back of your unit, on Vera 3 you will find the Reset button on the back of the unit and on Vera Lite you will find the Reset button on top, next to the "-" sign.

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It is also possible to do a complete hard reset to factory settings. See Reference.

  • Note: This also resets Vera's security key! This means if you have paired secure devices, and you do not reset the Z-Wave network, they will no longer work after you do a factory reset. At present, only Z-Wave door locks are secure devices. Remember that doing a factory reset, such as double clicking the black button, does not reset the Z-Wave network. Any devices that were paired with Vera before the reset will still be paired after the reset. Secure devices, like door locks, will still be paired after a factory reset. But, since the factory reset creates new secure encryption keys, the devices will no longer work. You have to remove them from the Z-Wave network, and then add them again.


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