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Vera regularly runs into abnormal circumstances that require special handling; your internet connection may go down, there may be interference on the Z-Wave network, and so on.  Vera stores all this information in a log.  Because Vera does not have a hard drive or permanent storage, the logs are lost every time you turn Vera off and on, or when Vera is running low on memory.  If you leave the "Archive old logs on findvera", then the logs will be sent to the findvera server instead.  The logs do not contain any personally identifiable information.

Each day automated processes go through all the logs are uploaded looking for patterns and other abnormalities, which are sent to the Mi Casa Verde developers for analysis and possibly bug fixes.  Also, if you leave this option checked, and you later call technical support to report a problem, your support rep will be able to look over the logs to see if there were any errors encountered around the time.

We recommend you leave this feature on as it improves the quality control process.  The amount of data uploaded to the findvera server (actually is small, and the uploads are infrequent, generally once every 12 hours.  So, for users with normal high speed internet connections like Cable or DSL, the data usage is insignificant.  If you use Vera on a high-cost internet connection, like, say a boat with a satellite uplink, you can disable this option to reduce the amount of traffic Vera generates on the network.

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