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3rd party developers can now use the alert system in plugins. They can generate different alert types with or without user notification. Alert messages generated by a device can be seen in "Logs" tab for that device.


Let's take as example the HomeCare plugin. Users should be notify when a sensor has not been tripped for a specified amount of time. Here is how "Alerts" page for HomeCare plugin looks like:


As you can see the source of this notification is our HomeCare plugin, type for it is "user created trigger" and desctiption is the one we added in plugin.

And here is the detailed message for this notification:


Alert HTTP Request


  • DEVICE_ID - device # that generates the alert;
  • ALERT_TYPE - should be 3, DO NOT CHANGE;
  • ALERT_SOURCE - should be 3, DO NOT CHANGE;
  • ALERT_DESCRIPTION - URL encoded message used as description for the alert;
  • USERS_LIST - a list with user ID separated by commas that should be notify[left blank if no user notification is required].
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