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NOTE: If upgrade from a pre-Luup version and do not choose 'restore to factory default' your Vera will not work, so read the instructions below first.

When Luup is officially released everyone's system will automatically notify them and allow them to upgrade to the latest version. In the meantime, you can upgrade to the latest version by going to Advanced, Download and putting one of the URL's in the 'Firmware url' field. The first time you go from the current release of Vera (ie 1.0.604 or lower) to one of the Luup releases (1.0.700 and greater) you *must* choose 'restore to factory' default when it asks you if you want to keep your settings. This is because we have not yet written the conversion utility to convert the configuration from a pre-Luup firmware to Luup. If you upgrade with 'preserve my settings', you will need to upgrade again with 'restore to factory default'. Once you have setup your configuration with a Luup release, then you can choose 'preserve my settings' to upgrade to another Luup release and keep your settings.

Much of the functionality which exists in the current Vera was written as closed-source plugins in C/C++. These plugins are being converted to Luup plugins so users can change the code to customize the functionality. So many of the features in the .602 version of Vera are missing from the Luup version because they have not yet been re-written as Luup plugins.


2009-August-14 1.0.862

Download URL:

2009-August-7 1.0.843

Download URL:

We are intending to release this as an official beta for the general public on Monday if no issues are reported over the weekend. This is the first version that has passed all our test plans.

2009-July-17 1.0.790

Download URL:

This fixes an issue in 789 with getting a persistent 'VERY IMPORTANT - Clear your cache' error in the browser. If that browser error makes upgrading difficult, you can manually upgrade by logging into Vera and typing:

wget -O /tmp/firmware.img


2009-July-16 1.0.789

Download URL:

This fixes many issues, including fixes to the web-based WAP and Iphone browser and the addition of the automatic installation of plugins from the Luup gallery.

2009-July-10 1.0.770

Download URL:

This fixes a couple bugs with the adding of custom serial ports. The job icons are not appearing, though.

Note: If you added serial ports with 765 and they don't show up on the 'Serial Port Configuration' page, remove the usb->serial adapter, upgrade to 770. After it comes back up, reconnect the usb->serial adapter, and reboot Vera (Advanced, Tech Support, 'reboot router').

There are some issues with the Linux usb-serial driver that cause conflicts with other usb-serial devices, like the Z-Wave dongle, when you insert the usb-serial adapter while the system is already running (ie hotplugging). Until these issues are resolved in the Linux kernel, it's best that you reboot Vera after you connect a usb-serial adapter, or, of course, connect it before you power on Vera.

2009-July-9 1.0.765

Download URL:

This includes the ability to add your own USB->serial devices to the 'recognized list' and fixes some bugs in the serial port handling.

2009-July-6 1.0.756

Download URL:

With this version we have included a sample RS232 device for control of the Somfy motorized blinds. This version has also fixed all the obvious bugs so we can complete our standard test sequence without incident. And all the existing plug-in functionality is now implemented in Luup, including timers and events, with the exception of real-time energy consumption reporting.

2009-June-27 1.0.745

Download URL:

Lots of bug fixes.

2009-June-23 1.0.733

Download URL:

The basic WAP cell phone interface is back in, now as a Luup plugin, and the red/black button control needed to do inclusion of the Schlage locks is back too.

2009-June-20 1.0.716

Download URL:

This fixes a few crashes with configuring devices.

2009-June-15 1.0.711

Download URL:

This fixes an issue with the software not restarting after removing/reinserting the dongle. It also fixes the 'do something after x seconds' in scenes.

2009-June-12 1.0.710

Download URL:

This is the initial beta release of the Luup engine. The following functionality which exists in the current release of Vera is not yet working in this release: In scenes the 'after x seconds/minutes' do something else, many of the events are not implemented, event notifications, energy monitoring and setting pin codes on door locks. The rest of the Z-Wave commands should work. A Luup plugin for the Global Cache GC100 is included and the serial ports work for controlling RS232 devices and also the i/r transmitters. You can start creating support for i/r devices although it will be tedious at the moment to do this by hand putting pronto codes in the XML files until the web-based generator tool is available.

This release is for Luup developers only and is not suitable for mainstream users yet because of the missing functionality.

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