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This is a page for Supported USB, or USB-Serial, interface devices.

USB, and USB-Serial, devices need to be recognized by Vera's platform before they can be used to interface with the target device (through a Luup Module). There are many USB-Serial devices out there, and not all will work out of the gate.

This page is intended to capture the list of known USB Devices that have been tried with Vera, along with their current status, and any information required to get them working.

This is a wiki, so feel free to add to the page.


IMPORTANT! The devices listed here have been added by installers, technicians and users like yourself. Results may vary upon installations. MiCasaVerde does not guarantee operation and compatibility with your installation. The listed devices were found to work with their specific installation. Mixing different series and brands of equipment is not guaranteed in any way to work with other series and brands. It is very likely that users have not fully tested all features of the devices, so it is possible that a device listed here as compatible, will not prove compatible with your hardware. If you are editing this wiki DO NOT REMOVE a listed working device if it hasn't worked for you. Seek help to get the device to work under your individual circumstance. If you are adding to this wiki, please provide links to data for the device and add any tips you feel may benefit someone wanting to implement the device into an installation.

USB Devices

Manufacturer Model # Status Date Purchased Chipset Specs Purchased from Added by User Notes
USB-UIRT USB-UIRT Working (1.0.918) micasaverde
APC Back-UPS ES 750 Not Working APC HID guessed Doesn't work in Vera 1.0.900. Requires installation of Kernel/OpenWRT modules to support USB-HID Interface for UPS. This one is listed in guessed's posting [1]

USB-Serial Devices

Manufacturer Model # Status Date Purchased #RS-232 Ports Chipset Specs Purchased from Added by User Notes
Future Electronics UC232R-10 Working 1 FTDI Link micasaverde This one is listed in MiCasaVerde's posting [2]
SerialGear 8XDB9-USB Not working 8 FTDI - FT8U232AM Link nanckekr This one is listed in nanckekr's posting [3] Uses some sort of "dual" FTDI Chipset that causes Vera to lockup. The OS is correctly recognizing the Chip, and all 8x Serial ports, but Vera's "Serial Port Config" isn't working correctly against it as it's using a naming strategy that creates duplicate names.
Cables Unlimited USB2-VE487 Working 1 FTDI FT232BM Amazon edreed Plugged in and works perfectly. Only $10 on Amazon
Bytecc BT-DB925 Manual 1 Prolific - PL-2303 guessed This one is listed in guessed's posting [4]. It requires a series of manual configuration steps, and OS-Level access to Vera, to get it working.
BAFO DX SKU 5947 Manual 1 Prolific - PL-2303 N/A 325xi Well built, recognized by OpenWrt, Ubuntu, Windows, etc. On Vera it will require manual edits made through SSH. See details on nanckekr's post: [5]
N/A DX SKU 22407 Not working 1 Prolific - PL-2303 N/A 325xi Intermittent USB recognition errors on Vera; but does work on Kamikaze


N/A Not working 1 Prolific - PL-2303 N/A 325xi USB recognition errors on Linux distros and OpenWRT
 SerialStuff*  USBG-4FTDI* Working 11/2006 4 FTDI FT232BL*  ? michaelk 4 serial ports. Just plugged it in and it worked. There's also a 2-port model from the same place- that MIGHT work also. I assume it's FTDI becasue vera names the ports "ftdi_sio".  Fires right up from vera1's u sb port- but in case power is an issue it has a 5v input on the back so you can make it self powered. It's pretty generic- no name- etc. but feels solid- metal case and never had a problem with it over the years on a pc.   NOTE:  *=I think it's the same as this page where I found that info

Ethernet-Serial Devices

Manufacturer Model # Status Date Purchased #RS-232 Ports Chipset Specs Purchased from Added by User Notes
WizNet WIZ110SR Working Jan 2010 1 WIZnet Link guessed This is a stripped down Ethernet-enabled Serial/RS-232 Port. It's useful in situations where you might otherwise need a GC-100 to get "just a serial port" to connect to a TV, Amplifier etc. Don't forget to get yourself a 5V Power supply to drive it, or alternatively use a USB-5V Power code (as I do). Initial configuration of the device requires a Windows machine to run the configuration tool (DHCP, Baud Rate/Parity etc). Note that getting this "connected" to Vera is a manual process at this time. . I use USB-5v to power mine from an existing USB Power source (a USB Port on my DirecTV unit).


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