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UI7: 1.7.228 Beta Release version 1.7.228 - Jun 6, 2014 - Beta 2

FIRMWARE version 1.7.228 (Beta 2)

Complete List of Completed Bug Fixes and Features Added:

Feature : Added support for Z-Wave.Me Key Fob

Feature : Added support for Fibaro FGMS101 3 in 1 sensor

Feature : Added support for Aeon DSD37 Z-Wave extender

Feature : Added support for Vistacam SD/PT/HD and Sercomm RC8026 and RC8110

Feature : Added support for Fibaro FGWPEF101 Wall Plug

Feature : Added support for Fibaro FGSS001 smoke sensor

Feature : Added support for Fibaro FGFS101 flood sensor

Feature : Added support for Wintop 6131R-S100-P950 iRFiD repeater

Feature : Added support for CT100 Thermostats

Feature : Added support for Aeon Labs DSC0616 Plugin Modules

Feature : Added support for Aeon Labs DSC24 Smart Switch Z-Wave Appliance Module

Feature : Added support for Aeon DSD31 Siren

Feature : Added support for Aeon FGK-101 door/window sensor

Feature : Added „ArchiveVideo” mode for cameras

Fixed : Accented characters breaks the system

Fixed : When a sensor is in bypass, notifications and actions programmed in a scene are active

Fixed : A scene programmed active and associated to a specific mode is also active in other modes

Fixed : The device status isn't shown on the advanced device page

Fixed : The signal strength is removed as it’s populated only after a heal network is performed

Fixed : Special characters (characters with accent) do not display properly on the home page

Fixed : IE 10 doesn't show the UI7 GUI correctly

Fixed : No tooltips for buttons

Fixed : Cannot view snapshots

Fixed : No redirection of the web browser after a problem recovery of the HAB

Fixed : Preset modes not working for lights

Fixed : Cannot save credentials for cameras

Fixed : Tooltips are appearing when they shouldn't be there

Fixed : Tooltip not showing on the device options page

Fixed : Device sleeping status not shown

Fixed : Can't login from local IP on IE

Fixed : The device names are being cut off

Fixed : Dashboard instructions are gone

Fixed : Selecting a preset mode goes to the setup rather than selecting the mode

Fixed : The UI remains blocked when you add a device while dongle is backing up

Fixed : Unable to access the unit remotely

Fixed : Changing Modes did not change dimmers

Fixed : Incorrect device counted in kit

Fixed : Can't move the slider for dimmer in "Create new scene"

Fixed : Device status is different on dashboard and preset modes

Fixed : Camera wizard

Fixed : Current temperature displayed instead of target temperature

Fixed : Cannot Discover Wifi Network

Fixed : Device just installed in the good room, but room disappeared.

Fixed : Time displayed on the interface is the local time from the computer

Fixed : Unable to Rename unit

Fixed : The device status isn't shown on the advanced device page

Fixed : Changing the state for a device in "Custom" mode affects also "Default" mode

Fixed : Cannot add a delayed action in Scene Wizard

Fixed : Alphabetically sort the scene names

Fixed : Cannot record a video

Fixed : Outdoor module has the icon for smart switch

Fixed : Create a new room from Device wizard doesn't work

Fixed : Progress indicator not present in discover page of Wizards

Fixed : Multiple Camera screens being displayed even if the camera was deleted

Fixed : Logout button does not log the user out

Fixed : IE camera View: Double image is seen only in IE not firefox or chrome

Fixed : The name of the room is not displayed correctly if special characters are used

Fixed : reducing browser screen causes welcome message to override weather widget display

Fixed : Get weather widget error at times

Fixed : Add info message about changing camera credentials in Camera settings page

Fixed : Devices from the kit are no longer counted after the inclusion

Fixed : In SW weather city is set by default to 'city'

Fixed : Time is off by an hour

Fixed : Favourite star behaviour

Fixed : Filter "Today" is not working properly

Fixed : Scene without action or notification can be created

Fixed : Error on Camera Save when updating password.

Fixed : IE - Outdoor switch On/OFF not working

Fixed : Issue when you disable notification for "CUSTOM" state in Preset Modes

Fixed : Scene Schedule Selector buttons do not fit in correct locations.

Fixed : Device status message still displayed on Devices page

Fixed : Can't save camera's credentials in Add devices wizard

Fixed : Type elements from History are not correctly shown

Fixed : Unit name appears several times in main menu

Fixed : Device appears in List view only after refresh

Fixed : Room assignment to the Fibaro's motion sensor

Fixed : Devices name is trucked in my favorites

Fixed : Words from Add devices wizard are truncated

Fixed : incorrect message displayed in popup when a device is deleted using delete button

Fixed : Cameras missing from Device list

Fixed : User time restriction is according computer time not Unit time for Scenes Schedule Once

Fixed : The PT camera does not appear as added in kit

Fixed : Wrong requirement for "Change password" : "Password must be at least 8 characters long."

Fixed : Explain this' link from Device Settings takes user to a blank page

Fixed : Wrong description for password requirement in "Add a user" menu

Fixed : Add other devices from Add devices wizard has the label truncated

Fixed : Device Logs are not correctly shown

Fixed : Wall Plug has different icon associated in Devices and Scenes

Fixed : Device Name is not shown correctly in Logs

Fixed : Retour button from Device Logs takes user to a page corresponding to non configured devices

Fixed : "Re-configure all the devices when done" should be unchecked by default

Fixed : Wrong Scene Help Message

Fixed : Camera error message on the screen

Fixed : Outdoor Switch showing battery symbol

Fixed : Filter alerts by "Type - n/a" not working

Fixed : Thermostat icon disappears several times when "Off", "Cool", "Heat" are pressed

Fixed : Wrong exclusion steps for Radio Thermostat CT100

Fixed : If an alert is deleted and a custom filter was previously added, the filter is reset

Fixed : Improper Error message for room duplicate

Fixed : Several requests when the unit is accessed take more time that it should

Fixed : Changing the setpoint step by step for thermostats

Fixed : SMS phone number was changed during install wizard, validation sent to correct number but GUI says sent to old number

Fixed : Timezone is not saved

Fixed : Issue when you try to filter the alerts

Fixed : If custom filters are used the total number of the alerts are still displayed in the top right corner

Fixed : You can't view an archived video using the player

Fixed : Users & Account info redirects to an invalid URL

Fixed : Logout redirects to incorrect URL

Fixed : SD Vista Cam - Field marked required but is not required

Fixed : Login from local IP does not redirect to correct URL

Fixed : Login from the portal is not working properly

Fixed : You can create a room called "No Room" and assign devices to this room

Fixed : Wrong position for ":" in Daily, Weekly, Monthly Schedule

Fixed : Star icon is not placed at the same distance from the upper line for all devices

Fixed : Unit stuck in "Exclude Mode" if "Unpair" device wizard is left improperly

Fixed : Button "Validate Phone Number" should be inactive if there is no code entered

Fixed : Clickable areas in "Edit House Modes"

Fixed : Dimmer slider issue in Edit House Modes

Fixed : Scenes Light Bulbs are off but switch is on

Fixed : Dimmer slider should be at "0%" when the status is set to OFF in "Create Scene"

Fixed : There is no way to select all the alerts from a page (10 alerts)

Fixed : On Create scenes, Step2, the dimmer icon changes after on/off selection

Fixed : Button "On" is grey out for notify user in "Create New Scene"

Fixed : Legend drop down is missing from My scenes page

Fixed : Cannot play recorded video 2nd time

Fixed : Cannot go back or forward in a recorded video

Fixed : The pop-up message "View-Edit" is not displayed in "Dashboard" for Camera

Fixed : The pop-up message "Settings" is not displayed in "Dashboard" for dimmer

Fixed : The pop-up message "Settings" is not displayed in "Dashboard" for On/Off Switch

Fixed : "Click any of the modes below to customize" - none of the modes is clickable

Fixed : When I try to pin the camera to Dashboard, the pin button is moving from left to right and from right to left.

Fixed : Different name for category type for a flood sensor

Fixed : Devices are overlapping when adding to favorites

Fixed : Every time I run the Setup wizard my Temperature units revert back to Celsius

Fixed : In "My Mode" config screen the temp is displayed wrong

Fixed : Wrong position for value "100%" for dimmer in "Devices" menu

Fixed : Name of devices are truncated when they are added to favorites

Fixed : Different layout for "Devices" and "Dashboard"

Fixed : Refresh needed in order to display the updated status for security card

Fixed : Drop down menu from Device Logs exceeds column

Fixed : Retour button from "Phone validation" not working properly

Fixed : Install Wizard: User name field is not populated from HAP

Fixed : No pop-up message for "Edit Preset Modes"

Fixed : The pop-up message "Settings" is not displayed in "Dashboard" for Door/Window Sensor

Fixed : The default name "_Door/Window Sensor" is split incorrectly

Fixed : Different lengths for the horizontal lines in "Edit House Modes"

Fixed : Interrupted lines in Edit House Modes

Fixed : No records found message is not displayed

Fixed : Generic icon for "VistaCam SD/PT" in "Add Devices Wizard"

Fixed : Missing icon when loading UI.

Fixed : Different name for category type for a temperature sensor

Fixed : Different name for category type for a door/window sensor

Fixed : Different name for category type for a light sensor

Fixed : Different icon for wall plug

Fixed : Info displayed on Dashboard does not respect the UI look and feel

Fixed : Custom state for a device is not set in House Modes

Fixed : Popup should not be closed if Cancel/'x' are not clicked

Fixed : Devices View by room in Scene Wizard are not alphabetically sorted

Fixed : Telephone number displayed as "[object Object]

Fixed : Different name for category type for a wall plug

Fixed : Include/Exclude Wizard for Flood Detector is not working properly

Fixed : No battery icon for "Flood Detector" on "Dashboard"

Fixed : The icon for a light switch disappears several times if the device is turned on/off

Fixed : Next Button did not advance on Wizard

Fixed : If there are no records displayed button "Delete" should be inactive

Fixed : If there are no alerts displayed on the page "Select all page alerts" should be inactive

Fixed : The drop-down filter "Type" from "My Alerts" is too big

Fixed : IP Camera Wizards show Z-Wave icon

Fixed : Cannot access video records

Fixed : Notification generated when „take snapshot” button is pressed

Fixed : truncated notifications

Fixed : Manually changing the thermostat mode updates the values after a Poll command

Fixed : Devices report the status only after a wakeup

Fixed : Luup engine fails to load after creating a Schedule scene

Fixed : including Z-Wave devices issue

Fixed : Danfoss Radiator Setpoint

Fixed : wrong status on devices

Fixed : Don't update subcategory if it's already set

Fixed : Add alerts & icons

Fixed : Keep the tunnels open even then there's no users

Fixed : Fix report error and tunnel crash in nm

Fixed : Fix device online/offline alerts

Fixed : Match kits after new devices are discovered

Fixed : Fix race condition when engine is getting stuck

Fixed : Return ringbuffer snapshot to reduce load on cameras

Feature : Added actions for getting wifi networks, setting wifi network and setting username and password.

Fixed : Busy status on invalid command

Fixed : Auto turn off siren after 60 seconds

Fixed : Log the list of processes before rebooting unit because of stuck processes.

Fixed : Dump processes when stuck

Fixed : Update pairing status

Fixed : Don't run scene if house mode doesn't match

Fixed : Turn off zwave radio for backup/restore and init

Fixed : Always clear dongle backup, and add back heat/cool setpoints

Fixed : Sending device responding/not responding

Feature : Add support for 'days' in timers

Fixed : Show pending jobs/config messages

Fixed : Z-wave crash on startup

Fixed : Count devices when variables change

Fixed : Don't retry config & association every time

Fixed : Don't set the wakeup if it's already set

Fixed : The battery operated devices like flood sensor, smoke sensor report the state (tripped, untripped) only after wakeup.

Fixed : Add network fail severity

Fixed : Default house mode to 'home' and for all new devices, set them to the correct default settings

Fixed : Fix that a 'report child devices' gets re-run while the config is still going

Fixed : Show camera fail when it's unplugged and reconnect when it's working again.

Feature : Added request to update tunnel.

Fixed : Call the request to update tunnel instead of restarting tunnel when the account changes.

Fixed : Discard extra characters from the server Dropbear.

Fixed : Added function to get GetSessionKey error description.

Fixed : Added GetSessionKey wrapper, and set scripts to use the wrapper.

Fixed : Don't backup the network lua file

Fixed : Don't disable Wan failover if 3g is not configured. Don't calculate 3G traffic.

Fixed : Force reboot unit only if sleep exits normally.

Fixed : Apply restrictions even if the unit is not assigned to account.

Fixed : Update permissions before reporting the status.

Fixed : Append the category to the list of attributes.

Fixed : Set Wan failover to start automatically.

Fixed : Extended the report_message function, and updated all the scripts that use it.

Fixed : Report message with severity 7 when switching to 3G or WAN.

Known issues (to be fixed):

➔ "Save and apply" button from "Net & Wi-fi" is not working

➔ You can't add a "generic IP camera" using manual installation

➔ After I install an app I don't know if the app is installed or not

➔ Guest user was removed from the unit but I can still connect to the unit using deleted guest user

➔ Username is not being populated upon user set up

➔ Camera is not accessible from the devices view

➔ Settings option is missing from the navigation of the mobile application

➔ Android - Add device wizard

➔ C++ issues to review

➔ MyModes - Cannot set dimmer settings

➔ Sensor's child devices don't report the values

➔ "Users & Account info" option is missing from the navigation of the mobile application

➔ Forgot Password link missing from the splash screen of the Android App

➔ "Help" link not on Android App splash screen

➔ Plugins with JS don't work on UI7

➔ Jasco 45602W is detected with incorrect category

➔ Login on Vera app doesn't work

➔ User Info is blank

➔ User_data gone from /etc/cmh

➔ Re-write the code from SelectDelayActivity.class

➔ The unit is entering too earlier into include mode.

➔ Option "Upload backup on server" doens't stay enabled

➔ If I click the resend validation code button I receive the same validation code.

➔ Any appliance module doesn't have the little arrow so I can go to Settings

➔ I click on the Create backup and no backup is shown in the list.

➔ There is no more option to restore a backup...

➔ When using "Update Neighbor Nodes" - I receive "Receive Empty Response"

➔ When in apps - my apps. If you uninstall an app it reorts failed however it gets removed

➔ Unable to change setpoint on thermostat on Android

➔ The unit name is not saved

➔ Users & Account info > Account info selecting Unit Settings in the left menu causing left menu to go to top menu instead of selected Unit Settings submenu

➔ If I open the Settings then I cannot close it by clicking on the '-' button

➔ There are no control buttons for installed apps

➔ Unable to enable option "Store logs on USB device"

➔ The Add Configuration Settings button from each device doesn't work

➔ Unable to pan&tilt camera

➔ Pin Code Index Number is not shown

➔ "Repair" and "Advanced" buttons from "Z-Wave Settings" are not working properly

➔ Stuck with "spinning wheel" after button "Accept" is pressed from "Energy" menu

➔ On the Dashboard lock al button doesn't exist

➔ If I hit the home button from the phone and go back to Vera mobile the app crashes

➔ On the dashboard we have 2 button for Lights ON.

➔ on Vera mobile - Create scenes the name for a device is displayed _DEVICE_NAME_

➔ Modes get highlighted incorrectly

➔ Tool-tip "Device failed to configure" not displayed all the time on the cpanel

➔ Issue with title of device display

➔ "Watts" missing from devices that have the capability to measure the energy used

➔ You can't add a restriction for pin codes

➔ You can't add notifications for Z-Wave devices

➔ All favorites are deleted when a single device was removed from "My Favorites"

➔ "Secure Vera" option missing from "Unit Settings"

➔ Temperature display issue

➔ "Take snapshot" missing from camera's actions in "Create scene" wizard

➔ Dashboard show notification drop-down menu issue

➔ Every time I hit the Home button then I will need to login on Vera mobile

➔ Confusion in settings the action on the thermostat in "Create new scene" wizard

➔ Add Luup Code to Scenes option missing

➔ If I try to pin a device to Dashboard I get spining wheel

➔ The ON / OFF button from a device when you try to create a scene

➔ Incoherence in scenes - Vera mobile app

➔ Create a scene from VeraMobile, after you save it will get Please wait..loading forever

➔ Vera mobile - In House Modes Edit the camera is detected as a sensor

➔ Canot pin a device from Devices tab - List

➔ Vera mobile -Scenes with schedule -the scroll bar for h/m is too large

➔ Issues - Guest user

➔ Vera mobile Door lock status

➔ Vera mobile - the thermostat is not updated.

➔ "Auto" mode for thermostats

➔ You can't validate the phone number for an user "notification only" type

➔ User Info: Should the word txt be after At&T in the phone provider dropped down list?

➔ Android - tokens

➔ GMT offset in user_data is not set correctly after timezone is changed

➔ Mobile app - • After login the page title is “My Systems” unlike the browser app that is titled “My Devices”

➔ After switching a Vista Cam HD to wi-fi a new camera device is created

➔ "Glass Break Sensor" has the same icon as a door/window sensor

➔ Ecolink Door/Window Sensor is added as a motion sensor

➔ Slow response through relay (turning ON-OFF devices)

➔ Device Not responding

➔ Notifications for Aeon Repeater (DSD37)

➔ "Device name", "Assigned to room" and "Save Changes" missing from "Settings" for Aeon DSD37 (Repeater/Extender)

➔ Mobile app - The login page does not have a forgot password link

➔ At inclusion process should be a NEXT button

➔ Missing GIF file from "Manually configure" - "Net & Wi-Fi Settings"

➔ Inconsistency in "Net & Wi-Fi" settings

➔ By default house mode "Home" is selected

➔ Inconsistency in "Confirmation required" message

➔ Inconsistency in "Net & Wifi" setting for "Reset to default network settings" / "Reboot"

➔ Inconsistency for pop-up message "error - Please choose a different room name, a room with this name already exists.""

➔ Inconsistency in "Z-Wave Settings"

➔ Add extra space after each ":" in Z-Wave Settings

➔ Click details on an app on p 3 in the Apps/Install App, then click the back button, it returns to page 1.

➔ Confusion in "Logs" page

➔ Inconsistency "USB" - "usb" in "Logs"

➔ Inconsistency in "Users & Account info" menu

➔ Inconsistency in "Tech Support" page

➔ Issue in "Users & Account info"

➔ Inconsistency "My apps" - "My Apps"

➔ Inconsistency : "Install apps" - "Install Apps"

➔ Inconsistency "Develop apps" - "Develop Apps"

➔ "reload Luup" in "Serial Port configuration"

➔ Typo in "Current status" - "1 devices are not working properly"

➔ Missing "." in "Current status" card

➔ "Error uninstalling app, please try again" is displayed, but the app was removed from the unit

➔ There is no confirmation message displayed after button "Reset Z-Wave chip" is pressed

➔ Wrong allignment (in relation to input box) for "Enter Room Name:" in camera settings

➔ Inconsistency in camera settings

➔ You can create a room named "No Room"

➔ Missing icon for installed apps when they are added to favorites

➔ Generic Z-Wave icon for installed apps

➔ Installed apps are not displayed in "Devices - view by List"

➔ "%" missing from "Settings" for battery level

➔ Issue when you try to access "Logs" page from a specific device

➔ Date format for recorded images and videos is always yy/mm/dd

➔ Issue when you delete alerts

➔ Inconsistency in "Control" panel for devices

➔ Add extra space in "Settings" page for devices

➔ Unable to setup group associations

➔ "Add" new service/variable/value shouldn't work if input boxes are empty

➔ Missing "." in exclude mode wizard for "Generic Z-Wave Device"

➔ "Star" icon is not placed at the same distance (in relation to upper line) for all devices

➔ Typo in Add Device Wizard for Yale door lock

➔ Different font size for the same message displayed on different devices

➔ "x" Locked Door Locks message is not displayed when button "Lock All" is pressed

➔ "x" Lights Off message is not displayed when button "Turn All Off" is pressed

➔ "Scenes" missing from "Control" menu from Z-Wave devices

➔ Fullscreen option missing from "Live" camera page

➔ "Scene Legend" missing

➔ Button "On" is greyout for notify user in "Create New Scene"

➔ Issue when you run a scene by clicking the "run" button in Chrome

➔ Inconsistency in "Edit User Details"

➔ Wrong position for ":" in Daily, Weekly, Monthly Schedule

➔ Issue - dimmer slider in Edit House Modes

➔ Remove button "Add user" from "Edit House Modes"

➔ Issue - slider thermostat in House Modes

➔ "Clickable" areas in "Edit House Modes"

Features to be added next: (coming soon)

- plugins implementation;

- luup code for scenes;

- RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) support for cameras;

- 3rd party cloud storage (DropBox, Box, Google Drive);

UI5: 1.5.622 - Public Release (upgradable from our portal)

Version 1.5.622 contains the same fixes and improvements as 1.5.621

UI5: 1.5.621 (and 1.5.622) - March 1, 2013- private beta

Resolved issue in build 1.5.621 (and 1.5.622):


  1. Remove access point when resetting to factory defaults.
  2. Added device file to device ID 2069.
  3. add more logging for networking part
  4. ignore empty responses
  5. WIP - modify timeouts
  6. Don't terminate the script if removing access point fails.
  7. Updated the log messages for
  8. add support for in and ru zwave locale
  9. change in timeout values for better connection; add string at tunnel exit to notify both parties
  10. Updated Z-Wave.Me temperature sensor info.
  11. add zwave in/ru firmware
  12. Added Fibaro FGS221 in zwave_products_sys.xml.
  13. Added Fibaro FGK101 in zwave_products_sys.xml.
  14. update zwave firmware in case locale has changed
  15. set in/ru firmware version default to 3.52
  16. run zw fw upgrade in standalone mode; add more logs for zw fw upgrade
  17. in case LuaUPnP has started before Updating the zw fw with new locale in provisioning, we should reload it
  18. Default Z-Wave firmware version is now 3.20 instead of 2.78.
  19. Set wakeup time and polling frequency to 1 hour for EZMotion 3-in-1 sensor.
  20. Added Express Controls EZMotion+.
  21. Updated the settings of the Aeon HEM. Added 103-Report 3,4h,1B00 and 113-Report 3 Interval,4d,30
  22. Fixed bad port forwarding parameters when the IP contained the port.


  1. change ChangeLogURL from http to https in
  2. change FirmwareImageUrl from http to https in cmh/
  3. Added message when going from '' to ''.


  1. req OpenWRT base image 82 for Vera3 units


  1. upnp pnp devices keep the device file and device type from the pnp definition instead of getting them from the device.
  2. Defined a value (30 seconds) for ra_check2.php curl timeout in NetworkMonitor.
  3. Added logging for checking tunnels with ra_check2.
  4. Added Category_Num=6 tag so that files using this file will be shown as cameras.
  5. temporary code for Yale locks to debug missing schedules
  6. add software scheduling for locks
  7. Changed the icon name and added state_icons in 'D_SmokeSensor1.json'.
  8. Minor corrections in 'D_MotionSensor1.json' and 'D_PowerMeter1.json'.
  9. Added notification for low battery level to Power Meters.
  10. Fixed GetWatts returning wrong value when iPosition==3.
  11. Replaced "" with {} for suffix and prefix.
  12. Restart tunnels if we've been on the backup FWD server for more than 1 hour.
  13. Added missing NetworkTest.
  14. Added min time interval between server tests in NetworkMonitor.
  15. fix crash when upgrade fails
  16. now sets the default Z-Wave version to 3.20, so if we want version 2.78, tell it explicitly.
  17. fix vision door lock scheduling
  18. always use software for vision locks also
  19. fix Luup crash on schedule report
  20. fix removal of software schedule
  21. process lock schedules after removing a schedule
  22. Fixed language token names starting with a number.
  23. Reset to factory defaults now removes all associated usernames from the unit .


  1. Restored Zwave hack option for all platforms.
  2. Switched tickets history to be retrieved using ts server instead of hard-coded and used https instead of http.
  3. Updated timezone.json
  4. Fixed pin codes per new syntax.

UI5: 1.5.532 - November 20, 2012- private beta

Resolved issue in build 1.5.532:



  1.           Added the Commands variable to Danfoss and Horstmann radiators.
  2.           Created device ID for the Horstmann relay.
  3.           Removed duplicate D-Link Camera entry.
  4.           Added a Cooper device.
  5.   Set the DateTime to 01/01/1970 00:00 for Vera 2 and Vera Lite.
  6.           prevent dnsmasq reponse to broadcast DHCPINFORM messages on wan interface
  7.           fix UNIT_MODELS for VeraLite string
  8.           prevent dnsmasq response to DHCPINFORM broadcast messages on wan network
  9.           move dnsmasq DHCPINFORM fix from platform_init to fresh install in order to apply the fix at first boot after upgrade
  10.           set return code for fix_dnsmasq_DHCPINFORM function in order to be able to restart dnsmasq or not
  11.           add zwave australia
  12.           Added many new devices (Everspring, 2-Gig, Merten, Fibaro).
  13.           remove variable 1 from conf file so aeon sensors will work
  14.           save time at shutdown only if it was synced from the internet previously; sync time in UTC; fix set time to EPOCH in current timezone
  15.           do not restore time from file if unit just synced time form internet; set epoch as 1 Jan 2000
  16.           add logging in logread; add service led as error for Vera3
  17.           Added 2-Gig CT-100 thermostat.
  18.           do not apply new leasetime value and restart dnsmasq if value is same as old one
  19.           Removed the 'prodId' for the 2-Gig CT-100 thermostat.
  20.           Added Zwave.Me iTemp temperature sensor.
  21.           Remove duplicate 2-Gig CT-100 entry.
  22.           add option for writting japan zw firmware
  23.           add japan zw fw
  24.           fix wan state for VeraLite when network is restarting
  25.           fix call provision_vera from factory test
  26.           set by default the option to store logs on server



  1.           show only the TS server name, do not include the domain also
  2.           Replaced VEra with unit.
  3.           Don't display full server names.



  1.           Added control codes for the heater.
  2.           Added Siren files.
  3.           Added 2 more preset buttons.
  4.           Added icon for the 51%-75% load interval for the dimmable light.
  5.           Updated the icon names for the Siren device.
  6.           Updated the door sensor icons.
  7.           use LOGS_PATH instead of hardcoded logs path
  8.           fix day of week codes displayed wrong with yale locks
  9.           log timezone information on startup
  10.           joseph's issue with pin code validation date range getting lost
  11.           add immediate save after critical data changes
  12.           hide notification_only scenes from sdata
  13.           Fixed Windows Covering Up command not being reversed when ReverseOnOff is "1". Also fixed that for the other command classes.
  14.           always log what's going on with lock schedules
  15.           try to reduce nonce collissions with assa locks by adding delays since the locks send alarms when codes are sent
  16.           add support for schlage locks in australia
  17.           add support for multi level sensor v5 (aeon and express controls)
  18.           up/down was reversed for Window coverings. Fix this, but NOTE: This may reverse the prior behavior. You can set the variable 'reverseon/off' for this device to change the behavior.
  19.           add support for polycontrol alarms
  20.           add custom poll update for lock/unlock
  21.           Restart tunnels only if ra_check2.php returns 'ERROR'.
  22.           purge codes on a newly added lock
  23.           move configure node
  24.           add support for japan module




  1.           Changed label from 'House/Node' to 'HouseID/Node'.
  2.           Increased the size of the input fields in the 'Advanced' tab.
  3.           Added code to disable functions which are not added into top menu.
  4.           Fixed get_backup for remote access.
  5.           Fixed storage backups urls.
  6.           Fixed condition for menu item check.
  7.           Fixed measuring label from Energy.
  8.           Add the "users" tag with an empty value when creating a trigger, otherwise no alerts will be sent to the server.
  9.           Disabled command on disabled conditional buttons.
  10.           Added random string to get backups url to avoid caching issue on ie9.
  11.           Added icons for siren.
  12.           Changed the icon for the tripped door sensor.
  13.           Renamed door_sensor.png to match the rest of the icon names.
  14.           Renamed door_sensor_0.png to match the rest of the icon names.
  15.           Renamed door_sensor_100.png to match the rest of the icon names.
  16.           Fixed cameras with restricted controls.
  17.           Added lang include
  18.           Limit "Description" field from Apps/Develop Apps/Create device to 24 characters
  19.           Fixed the wrong serial port path variable.
  20.           Added support for adding code to account.
  21.           added gifs instead of swf animations for vera 3
  22.           Re-added Hack to convert 2.78 to 3.20 with link to docs5 instead of wiki.

UI5: 1.5.408 - July 4, 2012 Release

Note: Due to Assa Abloy changing the manufacturer ID, setting schedules for Yale locks is not possible in this version of firmware, but it will be fixed in a newer version. To be able to use this feature with Yale locks you should contact tech support.

Resolved issues in firmware 1.5.408:


  1. Fix OR defined condition
  2. Added tripped icons array for door sensor.
  3. Revert 5902 to get scene/button events working again.



  1. Fixed Ergy settings issue.
  2. Added tripped icons for door sensor
  3. Added alert when email is changed.
  4. Added unlock option for multiple alerts selected.


UI5: 1.5.401 - June 18, 2012 - private beta

Resolved issues in firmware 1.5.401:

LINUX_SCRIPTS from rev : 5718 to rev : 5987

1. Fix ts1 http call to dealocate port when disabling tech support

2. Fix transition from Net&Wifi manually configure with static IP to Automatically configure for Vera2/Vera3&Lite

3. Add required lighttpd-mo-proxy/cgi/auth to update_package script

4. Improve UpdatePackage script to update the packages that depends on the update package also and make it install the package if this is not allready installed

5. Add fortrezz mimo support

6. Add support for Vitrium switches

7. Add scene assistance for GE remotes

8. Add support for the everspring es861 and hac01

9. Fixed Mantises 1980 and 1981: 'Modify /usr/bin/cmh_PnP script to scan for image.jpg instead of IMAGE.JPG when looking for D-Link cameras'

10. Dont poll remotec

11. Do not store tech ra files if backup is not intended for firmware upgrade

12. Add support for potentiometer

13. Split factory test in several steps so that if one fails it will start from the last completed

14. Prevent veralite from giving dhcp reponses to win7 clients by not sending the dns server

15. Create the VistaCam device with only the full screen button enabled.

16. Fixed the snapshot URL for VistaCam.

17. Replace ftpput with curl and set timeouts

18. Add cms system and error message reporting functions

19. Report firmware upgrade as system alerts

20. If evt srvs are not defined in server.conf field try also to retireve them from nvram in report_message function


UI_LINUX_SCRIPTS from rev : 9977 to rev : 10621

1. Mention also WAN led to be solid

2. Echo OK or ERROR if the operation is successfully done or not

3. Changed the server we get the external IP from.

4. Prevent setting empty spaces in network config; prevent setting the same IP on WAN&LAN

5. Prevent user from restoring old tech ra files

6. Output error codes when where unable to connect to server/url


MIOS_SRC from rev : 5718 to rev : 5987

1. Add i/r devices without a usb uirt

2. Fix compatibility with trane energy mode

3. Added icon text flag for windows covering.

4. Don't log all energy data at once. stagger by up to 45 minutes random amounts

5. Add luup.sunset / luup.sunrise to the code

6. Mantis 2018, workaround for everspring st814 sending the sensor reports to the wrong endpoint

7. Mantis 2113 - show device description when archiving video

8. Mantis: 1011 - remove invalid characters from the a/v device service files

9. Changed the device type from 'urn:schemas-micasaverde-org:device:Relay:1' to 'urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:Relay:1' to match the device type in the 'constants.h' and 'D_Relay1.json'.

10. Propagated icon change to door sensor

11. Fix 2119 where Schlage lock isn't updating the lock/unlock after an operation. Do a poll 10 seconds after the lock moves

12. Fix so alerts go to backup cms server every other attempt

13. Added default value for the 'Armed' variable.

14. Fixed Ergy menu.

15. Added <friendlyName> to the camera.

16. fix issue with not syncing device list to backup cms

17. Added Json file for the ComboDevice in order to add the 'Notifications' tab.

18. Fixed Mantis #741: remove json from D_ xml files with UI3 (removed 'sceneList' and 'eventList' from D_ files)

19. Fix rcs energy mode

20. Fix crash when a non-numeric pin is programmed with a future start date

21. Add support for setting zwave configuration variables for multi-channel endpoints

22. Fix crash with remotec i/r blaster config

23. Add ability to mark zwave nodes as hidden in the zwave products xml file

24. Display name of manufacturer on newly included devices

25. Fixed Mantis #1493: Event for door locks door open/closed

26. fix rooms reset when adding devices on batteries

27. Allow FF to get through so it works for Evolve window control

28. Fix messed up sections/rooms after adding device on batteries

29. Dont flood the SQ Puck with http requests for pnp

30. Get the reset working properly on Vera Lite

31. Bug fix: when sending commands to battery operated devices, the ui state variables weren't getting updated after the wakeup occurred

32. Don't reconfigure a device if we're only changing pinning

33. Add ability to log to alternate event server

34. Extend finddevice to search by device number

35. Send remotec commands to the endpoint, not the parent

36. Allow users to turn off network device detection

37. Mantis 2282 : setsockopt(SO_KEEPALIVE)

38. Mantis 562, only take a picture when the sensor is armed

39. Add generic sensor

40. Added 'Notification' tab and 'Battery level goes below' notification for the SceneController device.

41. Fixed WindowCovering control and scene groups.

42. Support for conditional controls - devices tags.

43. Fix bug learning custom ir codes

44. Fix changing ir codesets on the fly

45. Added control codes to camera

46. Fix intermatic energy mode

47. Fix problem with duplicate overview_tabs in user_data

48. Fix misreporting of scene id vs. button id

49. Fix for kwikset locks not handling scheduling

50. My contact info reworked

51. Mantis #2219

52. Also fixed tabs order in scenes (first tab is "all devices").

53. Added Energy Saving Mode support for Honeywell thermostats.

54. Added the preset buttons and the 'Archive snapshot' button to the camera device's UI.

55. Updated the camera device to handle its children.

56. Moved the GoToPreset action to S_PanTiltZoom1.xml.

57. Added 'CameraMotionDetection' service to the new camera device.

58. Update_plugin downloads files

59. Don't configure a device if the name or room changes

60. Don't autoupdate plugins

61. Multi-channel node association

62. Relabeled event "Exact Ambient temperature is reached" as "Ambient temperature goes above or below" in D_HVAC_ZoneThermostat1.json:.

63. Increased the timeout for downloading files to 20 seconds.

64. Add reverse up/down for window

65. Create file when there's no internet connection

66. Set the source IP to 0xFF's when calling actions from timers. Was a random value

67. Mantis #1209

68. Fixed initialization of the IP to all 255.

69. Fixed 404 problems from UI by restricting the icons which can be displayed.


MIOS_UI from rev : 9977 to rev : 10621

1. Changed server for historical energy from evt to download server.

2. Added program mode for IR devices

3. Fixed date and login-register text overlapping

4. Triggered save button when removing a trigger directly from scenes / triggers.

5. Mantis #2151

6. Mantis #2233

7. Fixed door lock icons with clear status for locked/unlocked.

8. Mantis #2253

9. Fixed ergy function.

10. Removed hard-coding for icon text (this is defined in device json).

11. Added anti-caching to lu_reload.

12. Mantis #2265

13. Mantis #2146

14. Mantis #2145

15. Fixed current codeset (read state variable from lu_status instead of user_data)

16. Mantis #2289

17. Mantis #2261

18. Fixed 2267

19. Fixed 2091

20. Temporary fix for the DST leap year issue.

21. Fixed show_busy for remote access.

22. Added rating / option to close ticket.

23. fixed 930

24. Mantis #2094

25. Mantis #2095

26. Mantis #2270

27. Mantis #2029

28. Mantis #2258

29. Mantis #2126

30. Mantis #2293

31.Fixed edit trigger to change comparison

32.Fixed Mantis #1945: Bad error message text display

33.Mantis #2291

34.Mantis #2198

35.Mantis #2294

36.Mantis #2181

37.Mantis #2234

38.Fixed cp server for logout redirect.

39.Fixed the snapshot URL for the Foscam camera.

40.Added the missing currencies, yuan and pound, to the list.

41.Removed 'Fire warning event when battery level goes below %'.

42.Fixed portal timestamp initialization.

43.Fixed cms alerts url.

44.Fixed Thursday checkbox not checkable when creating a 'Day the week based' schedule.

45.Authentification changed to keep user logged.

46.Fixed pulldown for events when devices are in room.

47.Fixed icons for devices with no record in lu_status.

48.Mantis 2286

49.Create the cameras with the correct name.

50.Fixed heater temperature display.

51.Updated the camera motion detection service ID.

52.Mantis #562

53.Mantis #2124 (display auto-upgrade status).

54.Fixed devices sort issue which made icons to be messed up.

55.Changed request to sta server to use redundancy.

56.Mantis #2368

57.Fixed js buttons for dashboard.

58.Corrected net_pnp in setup/Net & Wifi.

59.Added support for conditional controls.

60.Added disabled controls images

61.Propagated disabled stuff changes

62.Mantis #2124 - added local autoupdate for plugins.

63.Updated format for saved plugin settings.

64.Mantis #2351 - added support to delete/lock/read multiple alerts.

65.Mantis #2395

66.Mantis #2396

67.Mantis #2397

68.Mantis #2398

69.Changed text from 'Restore dongle firmware' to 'Restore Z-Wave network'.

70.Added support for sending validation email upon registration.

71.Reworked my contact info (split in 4 separate tabs)

72.Mantis #2355

73.Mantis #1657

74.Mantis #2237 

75.Mantis #2309 

76.Mantis #2255

77.Fixed tech support large text issue.

78.My contact info fixes.

79.Added trim for error codes.

80.Reworked legend for alerts.

81.Fixed phone provider warning.

82.Fixed update name for user when contain spaces.

83.Fixed scenes management for buttons without parameters.

84.Disabled auto-update for plugins when it's disabled from server.

85.Added validation alert when phone number is changed.

86.Fixed icons for alert types 7 to 10

87.Removed register options from nonnatech restricted build.

88.Set wizard to use camera device_type/device file instead of predefined variables. 

89.Added DEVICETYPE_CAMERA2, and added device type for the cameras. 

90.Ergy plugin install issue.

91.Mantis #2404

92.Mantis #2391

93.Mantis #2294

94.Mantis #2212

95.Mantis #2353

96.Mantis #2370

97.Mantis #2403

98.Mantis #2034

99.Fixed overview icons.

100. Mantis #2371

UI5: 1.5.346 March 19, 2012 - release

Resolved issues:

Fixed critical issue regarding ERGY Settings.

UI5: 1.5.344 (Vera3 & VeraLite) & 1.5.345 (Vera2) - March 16, 2012

Resolved issues in firmware 1.5.343:

Fixed the offline access issue when a user could not send a tech support request, upgrade the firmware or control the network settings when the UI is in offline mode.

UI5: 1.5.343 - March 13, 2012 - private beta

    Resolved issues in firmware 1.5.343:


  1.          Add window covering per christian 27-feb email
  2.          Report system errors using external script directly to the alert server
  3.          Do not turn off the zwave led when starting NetworkMonitor on VeraLite, since NM is no longer controlling the zwave led on it.
  4.          Add support for remotec



  1.          Fix script to escape " received in POST parameters
  2.          Try to prevent bogus message when /tmp drive is full
  3.          Modify upgrade script to stop LuaUPnP before downlaoding the firmware image and to don't delete logs from usb stick
  4.          Replace inside cgi script call with /usr/bin/ script
  5.          Increase backup upload limit to 4Mb



  1.          Upgrade base image to ver 81 which has the patch for df when /tmp is full



  1.          Add delay for Merten per Carsten
  2.          Fix a crash on startup when syncing an alert that has been deleted
  3.          Added 'LastTrip' in 'S_SecuritySensor1.xml' to be available in lu_sdata. (Mantis 2188)
  4.          Added 'BatteryLevel' in 'S_HaDevice1.xml' to be available in lu_sdata. (Mantis 2188)
  5.          Fix that mac address wasn't always capitalized
  6.          Add support for remotec ir blaster
  7.          Moved all mcv energy stuff in one tab.
  8.          Add i/r devices without a usb uirt



  1.          Set date from backend.
  2.          Added preview info to thermostat scheduler.
  3.          Fix for alerts to set timestamp according to gmt_offset properly.
  4.          Moved MCV energy stuff in one tab. Fixed Energy menu.
  5.          Removed configure buttons for non-Zwave devices.
  6.          Re-added local authentication. Mantis 2243
  7.          Allowed tech support form even with unit disconnected.
  8.          Fixed 2246
  9.          Added loginAlert. Added extra info to login alert.
  10.          Added support for IR devices. Added toggle codesets for IR remote control. Fix some IR related bugs.
  11.          Added alert for login/re-authenticated.
  12.          Added Capitalized remote tabs name
  13.          Fixed delete camera for network cameras.

UI5: 1.5.322 - March 02, 2012

Resolved issues in 1.5.322 version:


  1.          check if the user disabled the wifi
  2.          return wifi state : enabled/disabled
  3.          remove debug from call
  4.          hide wifi errors for VeraLite which doesn't have wifi 
  5.          do not call Report_AP anymore from backup-restore-nc since we don't have the sta servers
  6.          wait max 20 seconds after network restarts to get an ip 
  7.          fix report upgrade done url composion



  1.          commit uci wifi changes
  2.          Fixed text variable for upgrade success.
  3.          Moved js into external file.



  1.          Mantis #2194 - [Overview - click on Events opens the My alerts tab but with content from My contact info]
  2.          add category/subcategory to D_ files
  3.          Moved overview to second position.
  4.          test add i/r device
  5.          ir testing
  6.          fix ir codesets on upgrade
  7.          fix configuration with getting correct setpoint type
  8.          ct30 fixup
  9.          add support for negative temperatures



  1.          Mantis #2214 - [Overview - Incorrect date (31.12.1969) for the triggers last run]
  2.          Mantis #2208 - [Overview - Undefined for Dimmable status when device is not responding]
  3.          Mantis #2212 - [Overview - No feedback after sending toggle command ]
  4.          Mantis #2218 - [Overview - Locks are not displayed in the Security container ] 
  5.          Mantis #2211 - [Overview - No feedback for running scenes ]
  6.          Mantis #2182 - [Pinned devices has the Overview information ]
  7.          Fixed sensors text status.
  8.          Mantis #2180 - [Overview - Customized settings are not saved after save ]
  9.          Mantis #2179 - [Overview - Alerts should be user/password protected ]
  10.          Mantis #2213 - [Overview - Missing header from Triggers ]
  11.          Fixed defaults for overview
  12.          Reverted order to have dashboard first.
  13.          Moved tech support json into distinct json file, for makerelease_prepfiles
  14.          Safari fix for opening scenes.
  15.          Added compatibility mode for IE9 to prevent switching to IE7 view.
  16.          Changed all logging function to log_message
  17.          Fixed polling loop for Chrome
  18.          remotes stuff
  19.          UI offline mode.
  20.          Fixed add/remove device event for overview.
  21.          finished IR remotes
  22.          Reworked camera thumbnails for overview.
  23.          Anti-cache stuff.
  24.          Fixed overview refresh for schedules/triggers.
  25.          Changed LU down interval to go offline to 10 min.
  26.          Add IR device wizard added get_lang_string
  27.          Fixed max email count.
  28.          add ir device wizard, new polling codes added
  29.          Added "is beta" note to ir stuff.
  30.          Added A/V is work in progress note.
  31.          Added js for upgrade script.

UI5: 1.5.305 - February 17, 2012 - private beta

Resolved issues in 1.5.305:


  1.  Listen for dhcp requests comming from WAN in fresh install, SwitchMode and GatewayMode with no firewall.
  2.  Add Horstman sensor
  3.  add support for Horstman thermostats and LS control sensors
  4.  wait max 30 seconds to connect to server and 60 seconds to get the response from it
  5.  -fix restart through init for LuaUPnP and NetworkMonitor
  6.  -make logs more clear for start/stop LuaUPnP and NM
  7.  script for fixing HomeID if current one seems to be invalid.
  8.  for UI4 before starting LuaUPnP check if the ZWave HomeId is valid
  9.  add comfort window covering
  10.  Run for ui4 and ui5
  11.  improve the script to handle up to at least 30 concurent dhcp requests


  1.  don't listen for dhcp requests on WAN only if firewall is ON
  2.  fix allow receiving dhcp requests info on wan side
  3.  Changes per new tech support wizard
  4.  add restart option of RA tunnels
  5.  add suport for en/dis-able wifi when in automatically configure
  6.  write wifi state in /etc/cmh/fresh_install file


  1.  request OpenWRT base image ver 80 which includes dnsmasq patch to not skip duplicate ips since this is done in LuaUPnP


  1.  poll battery operated nodes on wakeup so sensors get light/temperature/etc. values
  2.  fix cycle/periodic on for thermostat fan mode
  3.  intermediate tweak to energy omde
  4.  Updated menus
  5.  Added weekly scheduler.
  6.  fix trailing character in checkpaidtunnels cmdline
  7.  fix the hsm100 polling by removing the delay in between commands so it doesn't go to sleep again
  8.  fix problem where devices weren't being reconfigured after changing variables
  9.  Add LS Controls and Wintop as manufacturers
  10.  fix the up/down/stop on window covering
  11.  patrice's window covering
  12.  add support for window coverings using switch multi level version 3
  13.  add comfort window covering
  14.  add next_run to timers
  15.  change next_run and last_run to timestamps so they can be localized
  16.  Added Overview tab.
  17.  window coverings using wrong devicetype
  18.  fix upgrade window coverings
  19.  add device category for alarm panels
  20.  get energy savings and normal mode working on the thermostats
  21.  mantis 2088
  22.  allow for manual override of polling battery devices
  23.  mantis 2051 lights on when viewing cameras
  24.  fix a crash when a usb uirt i/r blaster isn't present
  25.  Removed old notifications from menu.
  26.  Mantis #2194


  1.  Password restriction to alphanumeric strings.
  2.  Alert tooltip fix.
  3.  Mantis #2129
  4.  Tech support wizard.
  5.  Tickets history with update
  6.  Mantis #2141
  7.  Tweaked tech info json to match RT requirements.
  8.  + Added workaround for displaying temperature on the dashboard
  9.  for Horstmann HRT4-ZW heaters.
  10.  Added validation mail/sms.
  11.  Switched support schedule to json format.
  12.  Tweaked update ticket
  13.  Added thermostat scheduler.
  14.  Fixed the selector for weekly scheduler
  15.  Corrected increase/decrease adjustements.
  16.  Propagated the changes from upnp.
  17.  Tech support fixes.
  18.  Added code validation
  19.  Fixed post params for update_ticket
  20.  Added lang_debug mode.
  21.  Added default content to token value.
  22.  Fixed AlertType for validate email/sms
  23.  Added overview tab.
  24.  Removed dummy file.
  25.  Tech support tweaks
  26.  Overview tweaks.
  27.  Added &lights=1 to request_image data request to force lights on.
  28.  Added call to data_request?id=camlight
  29.  Added alarm icons.
  30.  Changed email notifications to Alert server format.
  31.  Added more spacing.
  32.  Mantis #2194
  33.  Mantis #2184
  34.  Mantis #2179
  35.  Mantis #2190
  36.  Overview thermostat tweaks.
  37.  Moved thermostat text status to language stuff.

UI5 : 1.5.286 - January 27, 2012 - private beta

Resolved issues in 1.5.286: 

        LINUX_SCRIPTS from 1.5.276 - 1.5.286

1. Prevent empty values also by restoring the files from ro mtd
       UI_LINUX_SCRIPTS from 1.5.276 - 1.5.286 
1. Prevent empty values also by restoring the files from ro mtd for firmware version and platform     

      UPGRADE_SCRIPT from 1.5.276 - 1.5.286

1. Request OpenWRT upgrade to version 78 which has latest nand,jffs2,overlayfs and mtd-tools
        MIOS_SRC from 1.5.276 - 1.5.286 

1.  Fixed _UNITS_NAME_PLURAL_ token.

2.  Port id's were too small
3.  Fix a crash/reload loop that occurred by USB serial devices
4.  Having ID's longer than a pre-defined buffer
5.  Fix problem JOD reported where generic ip cameras were getting deleted on upgrade
6.  Fix return to previous settings
7. Fix controlling an IR device in a scene
8. Poll battery operated nodes on wakeup so sensors get light/temperature/etc. values

        MIOS_UI from 1.5.276 - 1.5.286 

1. Fixed top menu on lower resolution.
2. Added server offset into alerts filters.
3. More friendly messages for adding user.
4. Fixed offline alerts server.
5. Moved sta server retrieval in a separate function.
6. Fixed timestamps for alerts.
7. Added message when session is disconnected.
8. Mantis #2067 [Remove duplicated Source trigger icon from Legend from My alerts page]

9. Password restriction to alphanumeric strings.

UI5 : 1.5.276 - January 20, 2012 - private beta

Resolved issues in 1.5.276:

  1. Remove 2 variables for the yale
  2. do not consider time successfully synced if year is not between 2012 and 2020
  3. use a function (get_server) to get a certain server value from servers.conf file
  4. force a reboot in max 15 minutes if the previous scripts don't do it faster
  5. start force reboot in background to be sure we don't get stuck by reboot command and wait 1 minute before forcing a reboot at firmware upgrade.
  6. read the wan/lan ifname from /var/state first, in case the type or proto is not standard the interfaces name will be different than the one defined in the /etc/config/network
  7. for units with rtc : update RTC on success sync time and update system time at boot from it
  8. fix firewall/dhcp in client mode for Vera3
  9.  allow only one network restart at a time
  10. store last field received in FORM_timezone in file /etc/TZ instead of 3rd
  11. prevent php 5.3.x to lighttpd bug by stripping dirs from FORM_file_name variable
  12. read language and language_id directly from files
  13. use main server if servers.conf file is messed up
  14. log each server which is not defined
  15. req OpenWRT ver 75 for Vera3 and Lite
  16. add kernel patches to improve/fix issues related to nand driver,jffs2 and overlayfs fs
  17. fix time in NetworkMonitor
  18. fix camera relay
  19. fix record scene
  20.  fix multiple room
  21. add custom require function
  22. fixes to danfoss living connect
  23. mantis 1978 [private] [Remnant of excluded device shown in scene], 1957 [Triggers for deleted devices are not deleted]
  24. delete wrong plugin 5 and 188
  25. strip independently bin and lib
  26. removed duplicate dir
  27. Fixed bug 1967 [private] [Selected devices not shown when editing scene]
  28. Menu changes to have separate controls for help buttons.
  30. mantis 2047 [private] [Missing plugin file causes LuaUPnP to enter a restart loop] and 2079 [private] [Installation fails for plugins with uncompressed files]
  31. fix creation of IR devices in UI5
  32. mantis 2054 [Inform user when the serial port assigned to a device no longer exists]
  33. Swapped two strings for polling settings description
  34. Added alerts legend
  35. Mantis #2007 [Add an anti caching token to list_alerts]
  36. Mantis #2011 [private] [Add info text in the Serial Port configuration part to reload Luup]
  37. Mantis #2008 [useless message when failing to add a user]
  38. Mantis #2024 [Missing leading 0 from backup names]
  39. Mantis #2012 [clicking the 'clock' should be a shortcut to the setup, location]
  40. Mantis #1970 [Firebug error at click on Revert changes button]
  41. Mantis #1686 [private] [Unable to check/uncheck in IE checkboxes from some tabs]
  42. Mantis #1934 [Legend for My Alerts should be added]
  43. Fixed #2021 [fix lingering dongle text in UI5]
  44. Moved help urls outside tabs.
  45. added help button
  46. Archive fix for reseting page on filters change.
  47. Added note about auto-updating timezone.
  48. Hided manually timezone set when there is internet.
  49. Mantis #2045 [Message please wait is not closed when ERGY plugin finish installing]
  50. Mantis #2033 [Remove some text from Energy/Hystoric usage]
  51.  Added offline mode for UI.
  52.  Added cameras reported as accessories.
  53. Mantis #2025 [Gateway list is incorrectly opened]
  54. Mantis #2005 [private] [Login cookie on Internet Explorer is not deleted after logging out]
  55. Mantis #1953 [When uninstalling a plugin, do not display "My apps" page and "Plugin uninstalled" message if user left the page]
  56. Mantis #1889 [Multi-language issues]
  57. Added Alerts tooltip
  58. Mantis #2075 [Heal network with /without stress test is not working]
  59. Mantis #2015 [SMS and Email Notification Test Button]
  60. Mantis #2004 [Unable to assign a device to a room in IE9]
  61. Fixed help urls.
  62. Fixed accessories to allow update only for owned devices.
  63. Mobile phones/av gear formatting.
  64. Fixed missing location box
  65. Added validation for set date fields

UI5 : 1.5.255 (Vera2) & 1.5.254 (Vera3) - December 23, 2011

New features in UI5:

1. Devices are organized and displayed in separate tabs by category: lights, sensors, cameras, etc.

2. You can pin the most often used devices and scenes on the Dashboard for quick access. The devices and scenes that are not pinned won't be displayed on the Dashboard.

3. The Add Device Wizard is now included in UI.

4. You can view and manage all the existing triggers (events) and schedules (timers) on Vera without opening any scene.

5. Creating scenes is easier and more intuitive with the new scene creator wizard.

6. You can now see the scene commands in the Advanced scene editor.

7. The MiOS Marketplace (now called MiOS Apps) functionality is now included in UI. You can:

  • View app information
  • Install apps
  • View and Add reviews

8. The MiOS control panel (CP) functionality is now included in UI, but only if the user is authenticated. You can:

  • Connect to one of your other Veras
  • Add new or existing users to your Vera
  • Remove users from your Vera
  • Change your MiOS account password
  • View alerts
  • View available backups
  • Change unit settings, like the Vera name and the number of SMSes and e-mails per day
  • View camera archives

9. Energy monitoring using the ERGY plugin by EchoLabs, which is included in UI.

10. Real-time camera video streaming and video recording.

This documents the changes since the first public beta release of UI4, 1.1.1047

UI4 : 1.1.1338 - July 29, 2011 - RC

1. Use the Z-Wave double send (without ACK then with ACK) for lights only, not other devices, since its purpose was to eliminate the popcorn effect and creates unnecessary traffic otherwise.

2. Add special handling for devices made by Fibar for 2 way feedback

3. Fix NetworkMonitor so it will always reset the time if it doesn't get set at boot

4. Fix a bug in a script in the prior beta that made it incompatible with Vera 1

5. Add the pulse variable to the sdata request for energy meters

6. Fix a problem where changes saved got lost because luaupnp got a reload and the watchdog timer kicked in before it had finished flushing the files to disk.

7. Add support for Schedule Entry version 3 command class and locks by Assa Abloy

8. Tweak to the timing of the squashfs mounting to improve reliability

1.1.1323 - July 13, 2011 - beta

1. Fix a problem where a configure job could get stuck and not finish due to a race condition between multiple jobs

2. Fix problem where zwave frame collission resulted in failed job

3. Reduce incidence of EEPROM corruption in Z-Wave 4.52 where it mistakenly thinks there is a suc and gives "Failed to go into learn mode" errors when adding nodes.

4. Automatically correct situation #3 if the user has not already added devices.

5. Synchronize deleted devices with the central server

6. Add subcategory to identify types of security sensors

7. Add circulate fan mode support (not in the UI yet, but coming in UI5)

1.1.1298 - June 21, 2011 - beta

The primary reason for this release is that there was a bug in 1.1.1245 that prevented Z-Wave 'reset network' from working, and some users got stuck with a "failled to start z-wave" error.

1. Add default values for sensors as not-tripped so it appears correctly in the UI when the sensor hasn't been used yet.

2. Add support for multi-channel association

3. Add support for Danfoss thermostat

4. Fix for X10 devices that have 2 digit numeric ID's

5. Add support for Everspring motion sensors

6. Add support for Aeon 4-in-1 sensors

7. Minor enhancements to the wakeup procedure to support devices with short wakeup times

8. Fix support for the gc-100

9. Add support for the PolyControl door lock

10. Change the default PIN for locks to 8 characters instead of 4

1.1.1245 - April 20, 2011 - release

Most notably this release includes a new version of the Z-Wave firmware in the Z-Wave chip, and this new version allows Vera to optimize the routes the Z-Wave mesh network uses. This should improve reliability. See MigrateTo452 Also Vera will no longer scan for UPnP devices unless you choose 'Add Device' and at the bottom check the option to scan for UPnP devices.

1. The energy plugin is now built into the engine. It will be removed on upgrade. Energy events are logged to your account automatically.

2. There is an option with Vera2 (Currently not working with Vera1) on Advanced, Logs to enable logging to a USB stick. This frees up quite a bit of memory, so if you have a lot of devices or plugins and your Vera is running slow or crashing because it's running out of memory, this is a solution. Note that after you check the box it can take up to 30 minutes to format the USB drive, and bootup will take a couple minutes longer with the USB drive installed. It will continue to boot up fine without the USB drive connected, just don't remove it while Vera is running. IMPORTANT: Use a new USB drive that hasn't already been formatted. In particular, don't use a USB drive that is already formatted for Mac.

3. There is a fix to prevent the main engine from starting before Vera has synced the date/time, which previously had caused sunset/sunrise timers to trigger unexpectedly. There is no battery-backed up clock in Vera. It needs to get the date/time from the internet at each boot.

4. This fixes a bug causing high CPU load and reboot when certain UPnP devices are detected on the network, such as Sonos.

5. The DSC plugin, and possibly others that use serial ports, did not work because the engine was trying to open the port twice.

6. Add some extra info in the heal process, and report the health rating and heal date to our tech support server along with ZWave node info, so, when a customer calls in for support, we will know what types of devices he has and how healthy they are to make better recommendations about improving ZWave reliability.

7. Some startup messages weren't displayed properly in the info panel.

8. Bad UPnP devices on the network that constantly report themselves every 1 second with a new UUID would eventually consume all the memory causing a crash. Now the software filters these rogue devices.

8. There's a new lu_sdata request that makes it much simpler to develop third party user interfaces to control the system. See: UI Simple

9. Store a counter of all polls (PollOk) with the number that failed transmission (PollTxFail) or failed to reply (PollNoReply). All counters are reset whenever you do a heal network. The counters are visible as extra variables in the device's advanced tab. This is for troubleshooting ZWave problems.

10. Add support for viewing live, streaming video. Remote Camera Streaming

11. Fix that sometimes variables across multiple bridged MiOS systems weren't being synchronized all the time.

12. Increase the timeouts for some internet operations so it works on super, super slow connections like satellite.

13. Fix for thermostats always showing fan as 'On' when it's in auto.

14. Add support for Fortrezz WMA-02, with new 'Leak alarm' event

15. Add support for Alarm Command Class version 2

16. Fix a crash caused by wakeup interval set to the minimum value

17. Fix problem with Insteon not starting when there are a lot of existing devices.

18. Fix problem with a LuaUPnP process not cleanly exiting, causing the UPnP port to remain stuck for 2 minutes and slowing down reload.

19. Implement a new Infrared learning, identifying, transmitting engine.

20. Fix toggle state with Insteon.

21. Add basic support for Zigbee lights with a SimpleHomeNet ZBPLM and Luup Plugin

22. Fix crash when adding new A/V devices

23. Reduce the delay between Z-Wave commands to solve startup problems on large networks

24. Add support for Yale/Assa Abbloy locks

25. Fix to handle Luup plugins staying locked to the right serial port when they're unplugged/reconnected.

26. Prevent Insteon module from taking over a serial port

27. Upgrade the ftdi_sio driver to support new infrared blaster

28. Fix intermittent crash when receiving a wakeup command

29. Add attribute set to the Luup API

30. Add Sleep to the Luup API

31. Reduce number of retries for download files/plugins

32. Use separate worker threads for slow processes like downloading vs fast processes like Z-Wave response to speed up the response to time sensitive tasks.

33. Don't execute timers if time jumps, caused by a new sync to the ntp server

34. Increase wait time for Luup plugins from 45 seconds to 90 to resolve some slow plugins that take a long time to initialize.

35. Add logging for the last time the battery level was reported and show the battery icon as a ? if it's been more than 7 days.

36. Fix problem with variableset Luup command not setting value always.

37. Don't repoll or reconfigure battery operated devices that wakeup constantly. At most re-poll every 10 minutes.

38. Add new scene recorder feature for easier scene creation.

39. Fix problem with the UI4 dashboard getting out of sync with the engine.

40. Fix problem with creation of 2 cameras using the same plugin.

41. Always write user_data when child devices change in case the reload doesn't work, causing a never ending cycle

42. Log uptime and track memory leaks.

43. Add crossdomain.xml so ActionScript clients can poll

44. Fix deadlock problem when aborting an existing send data command

45. Rewrite the watchdog function so it catches threads that don't exit after the main one closes

46. Add a tracking and reporting of 'tardy' tasks that run more than 3 seconds after they should.

47. Add decoding of infrared signals to extract the protocol, device and button codes from a learned i/r signal

48. Toggle the CPLD chip if the Z-Wave module stops responding to try to wake it up.

49. Allow scenes to control A/V devices

50. Fix for Leviton ZRCS4 id=2050 for 0-3 buttons

51. Increase timeout of http fetches for slow satellite internet connections

52. Allow Luup plugins (SQRemote) to remotely turn on features with a provision flag.

53. Don't treat superceded jobs as an error.

54. Fix issue with bridged systems not syncing state changes

55. Fix issue with bridged systems and deep nested trees of devices more than 3 layers deep (ie 3-in-1 sensor)

56. Re-write bridging code to reduce memory usage.

57. Prevent UPnP devices from being marked offline if the luup plugin doesn't load.

58. Add timestamps for all stages of the Z-Wave heal

59. Add support for measuring KWH and resetting the cumulative measurement

60. Add support for new Z-Wave metering classes

61. Add buttons for streaming and still camera images

62. Fix to prevent some messages from getting lost in the info panel

63. Fix when adding/removing multiple devices with a timeout and not doing anything that it showed it stayed in 'add/remove' mode.

64. Add filter when UPnP devices broadcast constantly to prevent bogging down the system.

65. Few minor Z-Wave changes required to pass Sigma certification. Engine is now certified.

66. Re-order the on/off buttons in UI4.

67. Keep a log of polling history and success/fail, report to central server to assist tech support.

68. Filter duplicate nonce's from secure devices.

69. Fix scenes not updating from bridge's systems

70. Add an auto purge of excessive ip and/or upnp requests so the user_data file doesn't grow bigger than the memory supports.

71. Add a watchdog to the remote access tunnels to ensure access through stays alive

72. If the Z-Wave network doesn't start stop resetting the Insteon network too

73. Change default poll interval on FLiRS devices to 10800 seconds instead of 60 to conserve the battery

74. Fix mantis #1293 - Can't add notification for a device if no Scene is added previously

75. Fix mantis #1275 - Add options in Scene to show all devices in all rooms or filter by their type

76. Fix mantis #1317 - Replace Archive old logs on findvera with Archive old logs on

77. Fix mantis #1238 - Wizard through displaying a 404 Error.

78. Fix mantis #1115 - text tweak on the 'add camera' page in the setup wizard

79. Fix mantis #1356 - Enable mod_expire in lighttpd, have it "cache" images directories to avoid constant reload.

80. Fix mantis #1207 - be sure the 4 buttons that remove devices have ok/cancel popups

81. Fix mantis #1213 - if a device is imported, the 'wrench' setup icon should be grayed out

82. Fix mantis #1251 - easier to use cameras

83. Fix mantis #1314 - Empty Scene name

84. Fix mantis #1360 - Don't update database fields with empty strings

85. Fix scheduling user codes with a Schlage lock

86. Fix compatibility with some Leviton scene/zone controllers using 100/200 series chips

87. Prevent heal from aborting if there's lots of activity going on

88. Fix so you can create custom luup handlers for actions with the same name and service file, but separate service id's, like heat and cool.

89. Add the option of switching to the 3.20 (aka 4.52) branch of Z-Wave firmware

90. Allow for manual routing when using 3.20

91. New heal routine that tests and optimizes Z-Wave routes.

92. A basic heal will be performed automatically at night if Vera has lost communication with some nodes.

93. Advanced users can now specify routes to nodes

94. Fix deleting devices not showing up in the UI.

95. Heal will auto-resume if it's aborted due to a crash or power outage

96. Add support for meter table class (Kamstrup power meters)

97. Do not discover UPNP devices by default anymore, unless the user requests it on the Add Device page.

98. Fix mantis #1391: Cannot add control over another UPnP device

99. Remove the 'Logs' for a device in the UI4 dashboard. Now go to and choose Events.

Old, archived release notes

1. Fix problems with getting alerts for both 'over' and 'under' a certain temperature

2. Fix problem with getting an 'over' and 'under' temperature alert every time the sensor reports the temperature

3. Automatically set the clock on ZWave devices that support COMMAND_CLASS_CLOCK

4. Fix compatibility with the Fortrezz water valve

5. Fix problem where sometimes you can't remove a dead node

6. Fix one Vera importing and controlling the devices from another.

7. Fix one Vera controlling other UPnP devices.

8. Change the way the version is reported so it's compatible with a new SQ Remote update

9. Fix a problem with include/exclude ZWave not working when using the buttons while Vera is disconnected from the network

10. Strip UPNP XML files of any non-standard characters (like accented characters) since this can cause some upnp scanners, like Device Spy, to ignore them.

After 996

11. Occasionally a device that was properly configured could show as incorrectly configured if it failed to config and then was immediately reconfigured and succeeded the 2nd time before the 1st failure had been purged from the log.

12. Fortrezz Water + Temp sensor now supports both events.

13. Scenes can be 'active' or 'inactive' based on either 2 settings: 1) all devices in the scene are set, or 2) any device in the scene is on.

14. Automatically set the LED's in a Leviton scene controller based on #13

15. Fix a crash while logging DHCP requests

16. Don't try to configure a node right away if it failed configuration on the last attempt to reduce long latency caused by continuously reconfiguring dead nodes.

17. Migrate to the new server structure with redundannt servers

18. Add ability to do ZWave multi-cast.

19. Fix a bug where it got stuck retrying to download plugins despite a network failure.

20. Set default root password to the same as the Wifi Password/ HouseID, so telnet is disabled now by default.

21. Don't set or restore default names that have been set with ZWave node naming get (ie starting with _).

22. Add ability to specify custom device types and names for products based on the ZWave manufacturer and product ID's and an xml file, including default names and variable settings.

23. Some ZWave chips seem to have trouble going into 'add node' mode when the commands are sent fast, so added some delays.

24. Add handling for more alarms from door locks, like when new user codes are added and removed, and low battery alarms.

25. For slow IP cameras there is now a timeout setting that can be increased to allow more time to return the JPEG. Also, the engine won't block the browser if the camera takes more than 3 seconds to respond. It will continue to retrieve the image in the background return it with the subsequent request.

UI2 : 1.0.994 and UI3 : 1.1.319 - April 21, 2010 - final UI2 and UI3

Both versions, 1.1.319 and 1.0.994, have the same back end engine. The difference is 1.0.994 has the older web html & javascript user interface (UI2), and 1.1.319

1. [Bug 739]: Fix an intermittent problem with 'handler not found' error when trying to access the smartphone or WAP plugin

2. Fix an error with pan/tilt buttons on a camera not working

3. Add support for the Kwikset ZWave lock's built-in scheduling

4. Improve configuring a Schlage lock. We discovered a 'hidden' configuration setting you can use to get all the user codes states at once rather than polling each code individually as per the official ZWave spec.

5. Correct the reporting of lock/unlock on the Schlage deadbolt. Previously if a lock or unlock was sent to the deadbolt and the deadbolt reported it was executed OK, Vera assumed the lock was really locked/unlocked. Now we use the alarms from the lock instead so the state is always accurate.

6. Fix so the include/exclude mode when triggered with the physical buttons stays on indefinitely.

7. For advanced users, add capability to send door lock NONCE's with ACK by adding the UPNP variable urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveDevice1/NonceACK=1

8. Unmount the filesystem and kill all processes before flashing the firmware. Also report to a central server when the process starts, and when it reboots after an upgrade so we have a log to accurately measure how often an upgrade fails. We're trying to reduce the number of instances where Vera's firmware gets messed up during an upgrade. This process of upgrading isn't in our code, actually. It's part of the base Linux distro (OpenWRT), and, officially, the only way it should ever happen unless the user pulls the plug while the firwmare is being written, or a brown out. However we have had users experience it even though they insist the power was on steady during the whole firmware write process.

9. For UI3 the problems with drag and drop are solved, and there's a new list view if you don't like the floorplan view. Several other cosmetic and usability issues have been fixed by the Flash team.

10. Fix reset_to_factory_default script, it deleted some required files for the user manual. Now deletes only certain files.

11. Add default free dns servers:

1.0.979 - October 24, 2009 - final beta

All known issues of stability and memory leaks have now been resolved. The infrared and INSTEON/X10 modules are also fully functioning. The next couple weeks we will closely monitor the forums and trouble tickets to see if there are any lingering issues and then issue a release candidate.


0. IMPORTANT: The concept of method #1 and method #2 for programming scenes into scene controllers and handheld remotes no longer exists. The 'Treat Scenes as Events' checkbox is no longer used. Now, to assign a scene, select the scene, click 'Add Event', choose the scene controller or handheld remote, choose the event 'A Scene is Activated', and pick the scene or button ID, such as 3 for button 3 on a scene controller. Any Up/Down or Off buttons now work fine, plus you can add thermostats, door locks, and other non-scene devices to a scene and Vera will still trigger them. So with release 979, it's all automatic and you no longer have to make a decision for method #1 or method #2, and there is no longer a sacrifice with one method over the other. The ZWave Add Controller page has been updated.

1. There was a file handle leak with files in /tmp that were deleted but not closed. This caused the system to run out of resources and crash after a few days.

2. [Bug 666]: Unable to control the Panasonic BL-C131A camera after upgrading to version 1.0.939

3. [Bug 682]: can't add an ir device

4. [Bug 671]: associate light switches with scene controllers

5. [Bug 625]: confirm specific user code notification works. Now you get the name of the user code entered on a Schlage lock in the notification

6. [Bug 610]: ha09 and method 0000001 not working

7. [Bug 598]: handle missing variables in smartphone

8. [Bug 597]: add buttons to window controller

9. [Bug 572]: Prevent Timers to run if date is not correct

10. [Bug 638]: Unable to add manually Panasonic IP camera easely

11. [Bug 631]: combine method 0000001 and method 0000002

12. [Bug 634]: job icons

13. [Bug 640]: Camera PTZ broken in 899 and it keeps to be broken if you upgrade to 918

14. [Bug 641]: Files from /etc/cmh-lu/ and /etc/cmh-ludl/ are not updated accordingly between firmware updates

15. [Bug 630]: info panel not showing BACKUP jobs

16. [Bug 618]: get rid of hardcoded filenames using FK instead

17. [Bug 627]: temperature event not working

18. [Bug 596]: after saving the info panel isn't updated


20. [Bug 475]: need an input box on the iphone and wap ui

21. [Bug 458]: backup/restore zwave dongle's firmware

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