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1. Vera unit with UI5

2. Monster AVL300 remote

3. Omnilink (extender)


1. Set the z-wave version of the Vera unit to 2.78

 On the Dashboard go to Setup > Z-Wave Settings > Uncheck “Use Z-Wave version 3.20 instead of 2.78” > Select Save (upper right corner) > Continue and wait for Vera to finish downgrading. After the downgrade is complete chek again in Setup > Z-Wave Settings to make sure that Vera uses version 2.78 of z-wave.

Note: It may not be necessary to use Z-wave version 2.78, as some newer remotes might work with version 3.20 of z-wave.

2. Reset Monster devices (if previously setup for Z-wave control)

Reset RF Network in each AVL300:  Home Page > System Options > RF Network Tools > Reset RF Network > Yes > OK. Repeat a few times just to be sure.
Reset Omnilink:  Hold Connect button for 60 seconds until LEDs begin flashing rapidly.

3. Remove lights/scenes from Monster software

  Modify Settings > Light Scenes/Modify > Remove (All) > Done
Modify Settings > Lights/Modify > Action/Modify (All) > Remove (All) > Save > Done > Done
Update Remote - Follow onscreen prompts

4. Include Monster devices in UI5

  Add Omnilink:  Devices > Add Devices > “Add ZWave devices, like light switches, door locks, thermostats, etc.”/Add > Option 1 > Press and release Connect button on Omnilink > Next (after device is found) > Enter name and assign room > Close > Save (upper right corner) > Continue
Add AVL300:
  -on the AVL300 go to System Options > RF Network Tools > Page Right to Set Learn Mode page (don’t press yet)
  -on the Vera unit go to Devices > Add Devices > “Add ZWave devices, like light switches, door locks, thermostats, etc.”/Add > Option 1 > on the AVL300: Set Learn Mode > “This Unit is now a Primary Controller” displayed > on Vera : Next  > Save (upper right corner) > Continue > on the AVL300 : OK
   -repeat for additional AVL300 remotes.  The Omnilink will remain, but the AVL300 remotes will disappear from Vera.

5. Configure Lights in Monster software

  -Modify Settings > Lights/Modify > Action/Modify > Enter ControlNet Light Name > Save > Repeat for each light, then select Lighting Setup > Connect USB cable to AVL300 > Next > Follow prompts until Set Up ControlNet screen
-Unplug USB cable

6. Remove and replace AVL300 battery (This step doesn't seem to be always necessary, but does work when the remote hangs after disconnection or when the lights don't show as paired after re-connection)

  -on the AVL300 go to Remote Assistant/Next > (If you have more than one room, Press NEXT to select the room/NEXT > Select room > Bring remote to the following room/NEXT > Press NEXT to select the device/NEXT >) Select first light name > Add Device/OK > Press and release device switch/button > Remote Assistant/OK > Repeat for each light and room > I’m Done (unless setting up Omnilink)
-Omnilink setup:  In AVL300, find and select "Go To RF Extender Setup" > “You need to add RF Extender(s) to your network”/Add > “Press Connect button on RF Extender until Status LED light turn on” > Press Connect on Omnilink > “Added RF Extender:  Press OK to continue”/OK
-Plug USB cable into AVL300
If you’ve exited the software or it has timed out, Modify Settings > Lights/Modify > Load network configuration
On Set Up ControlNet screen, select Next (IF everything worked right, you will see each light Paired!  This screen may show success even if a device did not pair correctly.  Repeat from the Lighting Setup button click for lights not working.)
-When finished, Update Remote

Note: When multiple remote controls are involved, only the first remote needs to be paired with lights and the RF Extenders/Omnilinks. When an "Update Remote" is performed, the settings will be transferred to additional remotes.

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