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Welcome to the Mi Casa Verde (MiOS) wiki

*Note: The Wiki documentation is for all the Vera units (Vera 1, Vera 2, Vera 3, Vera Lite) with UI2, UI4 and UI5 interface and all future hard and software releases.

You can find the official documentation for Vera 3 and Vera lite (with UI5) on


Wiki User Instructions

This Wiki provides a lot of information for your Vera unit, including User Instructions.

Getting started

If you are new to Vera and MiOS (former Mi Casa Verde) please check our pages on getting started, basic installation and the use of menus etc. The pages are to be found at "" for the older Vera UI2 or at "" for the more recent Vera UI4. This last page can also be reached by clicking here. Also, the Mios homepage provides a basic setup guide for Vera here

Vera uses custom software that can be upgraded. The latest information on features and bug fixes can be found here.

FAQ, HOWTO and Troubleshooting

There are separate pages containing Frequently Asked Questions, simple "How To" pages and a section on troubleshooting.

Here is a link to the FAQ and initial Troubleshooting pages.
Here is a link to the How To section.
Here is a link to the Troubleshooting categories section.

Supported Hardware

There is a list of supported hardware available on the wiki. This list is being kept current by and for users. Please contribute to the list if you have working hardware that has not been listed.

Luup code and Plugins

There are various Luup coded plugins and code examples available for users on the Overview of Plugins page.


Information and pages on the Wiki are organized into categories to keep information pertaining to a certain subject together.

All Pages

Please see the Overview of all Pages for a list of all pages.

For most used categories, see the links below.

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