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Kwikset Door Lock

To pair a Kwikset Door Lock:

 A. Follow the next steps to include the lock:
          1. Put Vera in include mode by pressing once the Z-Wave button from the back of the unit (the z-wave light in front of the unit should start flashing slowly - 1 time per second)
          2. Remove the batteries from the lock
          3. Press the program button 3 times to reset the lock
          4. Reinsert the batteries
          5. Wait for the red light to go off
          6. Press the button in the top left of the lock
 B. Follow the video to understand the include mode and to do it correctly:
   Put your MiOS into include mode
   Follow the instructions in the video to let MiOS see your lock.

How to pair:

| Pair Kwikset lock video

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