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Vera will allow you to use your iPhone or iPod touch as a handy universal remote control. You will see the buttons for your TV and Stereo on the iPhone/iPod display, and when you touch the button, Vera will send the command to your TV/Stereo, just like you were using the original factory remote or a normal universal remote. You will need an infrared transmit device which you will put in front of the TV/Stereo. This is what sends the actual command to the TV/Stereo.

Infrared device creation

1. Go to devices > Infrared

2. Click new IR device

3. Pick one infrared transmitter

4. Pick device type and manufacturer.

4.a. If there are any remotes whith the same manufacturer/device type, they will be displayed and you will be able to test the codes for every command. If they works, click "use this model", if not click "another model".

4.b. If there are no remotes with the same manufacturer/device type or you used "another model", a list of available codes will be displayed with a test button for each code. Click "test" buttons to see what codeset works and select either all codes or only those who works. Once selection is completed, type a model description and click "GO".

5. This will create the device and will prompt for install. Click "install".

6. Click "Save" on top left.

7. Repeat for each device you want to create.

Remote creation

1. Go to scenes

2. Pick a scene who doesn't have a remote ("add remote" button is not pressed) and click "Add remote"

3. A list of available remotes will be displayed. Click "Create remote" on top right.

4. Type a remote description, pick a png files from those used for layout, platform iPhone, private, click Next

5. Define action zones on remote. Click and drag to resize/move them

6. For each zone defined, pick "Send a command" then from action the corresponding action (e.g. Volume/Mute, TogglePower/OnOff etc).

7. For zones who are supposed to execute a scene, pick "run a scene".

8. If the remote need to go to another page, pick "Go to another page", for "exit remote" pick corresponding action.

9. Save when you finished editing remote, then go back to Vera UI and click refresh botton at the bottom of remotes list.

10. Pick your new created remote.

11. Match remote buttons with the IR devices you previous created and those who execute scenes with a scene from dropdown.

12. Save from top left button.

At this point you should be able to control your IR devices with the remote. pick smarphone app then pick the room where the scene with remote is, and click "go". You will be redirected to remote screen.
Note: On your Vera dashboard when you click on the GO button of the remote it will execute only the scenes attached to the remote, it won't take you to the remote screen, for this you'll have to connect through the mobile page.
For more information on upcoming features see the roadmap.

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