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If, within a few seconds of powering on Vera, the power light blinks consistently, not a double pulsing blink, then that means Vera's firmware has been corrupted. If you unplug Vera's power after downloading the firmware, and while Vera is in the middle of the firmware flash, this can happen. When it does, you will probably need to use a firmware restoration utility, which runs on Windows. Here is how to do it:

1. Download Vera's firmware and store it on your PC's hard drive. You can get the firmware here:

2. Download the firmware restoration utility and unzip it into a folder on your PC. The utility is here:

2. Connect your PC's network connection the LAN 1 port of Vera. It must be LAN 1, not any of the other LAN ports.

3. Give your PC a static IP:, with subnet mask You can leave the gateway and dns server blank.

4. Run the program 'rescue.exe'. Click 'browse' and find the firmware.

5. Unplug the power to Vera. Hold the black button in while you reconnect the power. Let go of the black button when the power light starts blinking.

6. Click 'upload' in the firmware utility. It takes up to 5 minutes to flash the firmware.

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